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any advice on how to move from bottle to beaker/cup

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moodlesoup Sun 26-Aug-07 19:21:43

i'm totally confused with all the advice about weaning bottle fed babies from bottle to a beaker. my dd is 12months.
we are currently on 2 bottles a day so this weekend tried swapping first feed of the day over to breakfast, and then follow with milk in a beaker. breakfast went really well, but still hungry, so we offered milk straight away, but wasn't interested in it. its the same hard spout TTippee beaker that she has her water in so i guess it was a bit confusing. any ideas? tas.

Seona1973 Sun 26-Aug-07 20:18:22

I give ds his milk along with his breakfast (actually I give him his cup of milk which he drinks in his highchair while I make breakfast). He then drinks the rest while he eats. I actually started offering milk in a cup at one of his daytime feeds first while he was still having bottle for the rest of his feeds. As he ended up taking it so well (after a couple of weeks) I started giving the rest of his feeds in a cup too. He now takes all of his 2 or 3 milk feeds from a cup at the age of 10 1/2 months. I use different cups for his milk than for his water. He has a large avent magic cup and a cow patterned cup for milk feeds and tommee tippee first cups for water.

iris66 Sun 26-Aug-07 20:21:27

The boots beakers have soft, rounded spouts which your DD may find easier than going straight to a hard spout. We had a bit of an issue with DS (bf) who wouldn't even take a bottle but he would drink from the Boots beakers. HTH smile

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