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Two questions for feeding an almost 8 month old

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Hels67 Mon 20-Aug-07 13:22:07

Hi there,

My DD is almost 8 months old and has a good appetite.
I want to give her pasta in a sauce but am unsure of the amount of pasta to give her - a tablespoon or more?

Also for freezing quantities of food - what kind of container is good to use now DD can eat a fair sized portion? I only have quite large tuppaware containers - are containers available in sizes similar to ramekins, as they might be best?


flipster Mon 20-Aug-07 16:30:30

Hi there -
my ds nearly 8mths too and sometimes gets thro a whole ice cube tray in a day (although is now going thro a more milk than solids phase). I have found these small round ramekin-sized plastic pots in Woollies. They have lids and work really well if out and about. Very cheap as well.

LittleMissLate Mon 20-Aug-07 16:39:40

I'm giving my 8mth old about 10g of spaghetti (broken into little bits) mixed in with pasta sauce as a portion (lots more sauce than I would have so it is quite soft). I got some semi-disposable pots with lids in Boots (think they were in their basics range) that I use for freezing meals for her. Or just freeze in bags - I put a bag in a mug and fill just under halfway.

PrettyCandles Mon 20-Aug-07 16:45:47

I freeze portions in a deep non-stick cup-cake pan (small muffins, IYSWIM), 12 to a tray. Once frozen I turn them out and put them loose in a large tupperware box, and keep them in the freezer like that. That way I don't need to have a million individually labeled and re-labeled little pots and lids rattling around.

Their appetite varies from day to day, as well as from child to child, but I would say 1 tablespoon each of cooked pasta and of sauce would be a reasonable starting point.

Hels67 Mon 20-Aug-07 17:59:10

Plenty of ideas there, thanks !

For those cup-cake pans, PrettyCandles, do you mean those colourful pans that are flexible so the cakes or whatever are easier to turn out? I think I've seen them in a tuppaware range, although they must be available and cheaper elsewhere?
A good idea too to keep them in a larger box, I'm so fed up of having to search through my freezer container with all DD's food looking exactly the same sort of orangey-yellow colour, whether it is sweet or savoury..!

katwith3kittens Mon 20-Aug-07 18:38:41

You can always wash out and re-use plastic containers that you have bought other groceries in; ricotta cheese tubs, houmous tubs, large yoghurt pots etc.

PrettyCandles Mon 20-Aug-07 19:06:15

I imagine the flexible pans would be very easy, but I don't have any. I find that the food turns out easily from my non-stick pans. I just turn it over on top of a chopping board, give it a few sharp whacks against the board, and most of the contents just pop out.

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