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Stopping formula at a year?

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warmsummersday Sun 19-Aug-07 23:22:46

Hi. My LO will be a year on saturday and im wondering if I should put her onto cows milk or keep her on formula but maybe use a 'grown up version.' She is on aptamil 3 and I was looking forward to not having to buy the formula anymore but now im worried about all the nutrients she gets from formula. What does veryone else think? Thanks

meandmy Sun 19-Aug-07 23:25:01

my hv told me it is a money gimmick and as long as my dd was havine varied and balanced meals there is no need for follow on milks!
beware full fat made my dd constipated!
happy birthday for your lo!

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 19-Aug-07 23:26:16

my dd went on cows milk at 12 months after being ff.No problems

Aitch Sun 19-Aug-07 23:28:11

no problems here, we mixed formula and milk to get her used to it and then stopped when the pack we had ran out. we do try and get organic full-fat as you hear some horror stories...

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 19-Aug-07 23:30:44

yes i agree we used organic and still do (shes nearly 4)

Dabbles Sun 19-Aug-07 23:38:47

new rules from hv are that it shoul d be 18 motnhs as apparenlty they dont get enough iron in their diet till then...

Dabbles Sun 19-Aug-07 23:39:12

if u cant get orgnaic, Cravendale is good.

Aitch Sun 19-Aug-07 23:47:13

are you sure, dabbles? surely they get iron from broccoli, pulses, meat etc? are you sure your hv hasn't been bought by the follow-on milk crew? ask her for evidence, and new guidelines...

arewenearlythereyet Sun 19-Aug-07 23:51:32

am on ds6, have done a variety of things over the last 20 years, my yongest ds is nealry 2, and for the first time have kept him on formula, maybe cos I can (just about) afford it, or maybe cos it just seems to suit him better. Did try organic cows milk and it made him sick, but if it suits yours, go for your life. experiment and see what works for you!

3andnomore Mon 20-Aug-07 00:04:58

formula is cows milk based anywya...and all those extra added wotsis...well...they are more then likely not really ingested anyway...
follow on is a gimmick to get out of the advertising clause....
if you are worried about the vitamin and mineral thingk, I would assume a multiviatmin might deal with it better...but a regular good diet would deal with it anyway...

katewilson13 Wed 22-Aug-07 16:04:22

I was wondering the exact same thing - whether or not to stop with the formula. My DS is now 13 months old and still having 3 bottles a day. Ever so (very very very) slowly he is increasing the amount and variety of solids that he will eat but I can see that I will be continuing with formula for months yet. Like warmsummersday I am worried that he will not the variety of nutrients that he needs. Any thoughts welcome!

mamasin Wed 22-Aug-07 16:07:41

Put my lo on cows milk at a year, try to get organic full fat if you can and I give her goats milk a couple of times a week (easier to digest than cows milk apparently). I cut out her middle of the day bottle as she wasn't really interested so she has two bottles of regular milk, one morning & one evening. She loves em!

Nip Wed 22-Aug-07 16:13:59

after DS turned one, we finished the formula we had and went straight to cows milk - no problems at all. The only thing is that now i make sure my DS gets a varied diet with lots of goodness in (fruit, veg, pasta, meat etc). HTH

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