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Advise wanted re: BLW

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silverfrog Fri 17-Aug-07 19:43:59

Am about to start weaning dd2 (6 months this week - where did all that time go?)

I am liking the principle of BLW, especially as dd1 is ASD so takes up a fair bit of my time (and I figure that if she gets stroppy and starts swiping at dd2's food to get my attention, actual food is going to make less mess than puree going everywhere), however I need some convincing.

Will dd2 really not choke? I have memories of dd1 gagging and choking all over the place if I tried to get her to chew anything (ASD issues - she is a very late developer!). What will dd2 actually do with any lumps she manages to detach? I do think she might like the opportunity though.

Is it quite easy to get them to eat a range of foods? Eg greens? Can be quite a strong taste, and when I was weaning dd1 I mixed them in with something sweeter (carrot? parsnip? sweet potato?) for a bit until she had the taste for it. Dd1, FWIW, is a fantastic eater and will eat practically anything, so do feel that I did something right there (not meaning purees, as such, but she does like her food). Obviously, if dd2 is just going to pick stuff up and shove it in, there is limited opportunity for lessening the impact of strong flavours. Anyone had any problems with strong tastes?

If I teach dd2 to use her hands for everything now, will she willingly use cutlery later on? Or will that be a battle? There is no way I could have done BLW with dd1, as she has sensory issues and will not pick up foods. She was spoon fed until very late, but now uses cutlery beautifully (she is just 3). I know it sounds a little ridiculous to be stressing about cutlery use when dd2 is only 6 months old, but I have friends whose children are still using their hands at 5/6/7 and it is not something I want dd2 to end up doing.

Hmmm, I'm sure there was something else I wanted to ask, but can't remember now. Probably a good thing, as this is long enough already.

katylou25 Fri 17-Aug-07 20:28:17


I did BLW with ds2 now nearly one by default - he just point blank refused purees and was grabbing at roast potatoes on ds1s plate. Just literally gave him everyhting and anything cut up into managable chunks (ie fingers) It was great to just cook one family meal and not fuss with mashing etc etd As long as veggies etc were cooked well he never had a major problem with gagging/choking and he was a reflux baby so gag reflex quite strong.

At 11 months hes a fantastic eater,- eats everything and anything. I have always given him cutlery to handle when hes eating and he is now attempting to use a spoon, and will feed himself with one if you load it for him - makes rice and mince slightly less messy!

Hope this helps!

lulu25 Fri 17-Aug-07 20:32:59

i'm more or less blw-ing my son. i spoon feed him with stuff that i would eat with a spoon, eg porridge and yoghurt, but i give him chip-shaped bits of everything else. i started at 6 months but he wasn't really interested until 7 months or so.

there was lots of gagging at the start, but no actual choking. lumps that get detached seem to get spat out or more recently just swallowed. he has enjoyed the strong tastes of hummus and quite sour plain yoghurt. not much veg yet mainly because i'm lazy, although i have accepted that he doesn't like carrots.

don't know about the cutlery thing although he has started grabbing laden spoons and trying to feed himself.

warning: don't go thinking it's not messy. it's revolting. and my housekeeping standards are pretty lax.

ProfYaffle Fri 17-Aug-07 20:35:53

I've just started BLW dd2 about 2 weeks ago - it's amazing! She bites off lumps, squishes them up in her mouth and swallows them. She coughed a bit at first while she got the hang of this swallowing lark but hasn't done it for about a week or so. She's happily eaten brocolli which is quite a strong taste which her sister won't touch. Don't know about cutlery yet but I imagine it'll be the same as traditional weaning, ie dd1 started off using her hands for finger food and slowly learned to use a spoon, I'm sure dd2 will be just the same.

Sorry to disillusion you on the clearing up though, it's far far messier than I remember the traditional weaning being.

Do give it a try though, it's very easy and amazing to watch.

Aitch Fri 17-Aug-07 20:41:50

nhs links

and a poll about choking and gagging

have a read of these, silver, in particular the NHS ones are soothing because although they're still saying to use purees they Definitely say that you can safely give finger foods from 6 months (in fact they recommend that you do).

and lulu's right about the mess, by the way, so prepare yourself mentally for that.

wrt strong flavours, in her first week of weaning dd was eating spinach, anchovy, chili and chickpea pasta and loving it. i'm not sure i buy into the whole strong flavours thing... if they like it they'll eat it ime.

Aitch Fri 17-Aug-07 20:43:33

oh, and dd at 20 months is very neat with a spoon and fork. i'll ask tonihgt on the blog for you as well if you like.

silverfrog Fri 17-Aug-07 21:14:04

Thanks all, that does help a lot.

I am under no illusions about the mess that dd2 will make - dd1 did a very good clutch and smear with toast crusts before she decided that food was not for holding -just thought that if (when?) dd1 gets fed up with me concentrating on dd2 then the odd green bean flung around by dd1 will make less mess than if she manages to get hold of dd2's puree!

Maybe you're right about the strong tastes, aitch. I always assumed that I was fantastic supermum, introducing new tastes cunningly, but thinking back, dd1 did move with obscene haste onto curries etc, and the only foods she has ever rejected have been bland tastes...

Am still wavering, but tbh that is more to do with having to get my head around giving dd2 actual food - it would be soooo much easier to just keep bf her.

Am off to read aitch's links (am slowly working my way through the blog)

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