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I need ammunition!!

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jojosmaman Fri 17-Aug-07 16:58:05

MIL is becoming obsessed with wanting to give ds tea which up until now I have politely laughed and mumbled "when he's bigger" in hope that she knows I don't want ds drinking tea. But she keeps saying, "oh when ds comes to grannys house he has to get spoilt, that's what grannys do so he will have tea at grannys house" to the point where I think she might be being serious. Did I mention that ds is 6 months old!!??

So i need the scientific/ medical facts, you can't give him tea because.....

crokky Fri 17-Aug-07 17:12:47

Apparently, Tannic acid in tea means it should not be given to babies under 2.

lulu25 Fri 17-Aug-07 18:25:49

and caffeine!

CorrieDale Fri 17-Aug-07 18:44:09

it interferes with iron absorption. That's why we're not supposed ot have tea within two hours of taking an iron supplement

RubySlippers Fri 17-Aug-07 18:46:46

babies do not need caffeine
it is a "drug" because it is made artificially and is a stimulant

CorrieDale Fri 17-Aug-07 19:00:30

FWIW, I agree that grannies are there to spoil our children. Ds gets spoiled rotten by both of his, but my rules still stand where it really matters to me. You need to make that clear NOW because things are not going to get easier once chocolate, inappropriate clothes and toys hove into view. I make it clear what is non-negotiatiable, and what they can play fast and loose with. It makes for a much better relationship once we all know where we stand.

jojosmaman Fri 17-Aug-07 19:41:21

Thanks for the info, I might just say, well he is not having tea as it damaging to his health. TBH, when he's a bit older, I would be able to cope with her giving ds the odd cheeky choccie, ice cream or sweet as these are ok in moderation but with tea, its something that according to guidelines is not recommended for children full stop.

BTW she has even bought him a mini tea cup. It would be funny if it wasnt the health of my little baby I was talking about! How can someone be so obsessed with tea!!??

terramum Sun 19-Aug-07 01:12:40

Food standards agency states "Tea and coffee. These are not suitable drinks for babies or young children under five."
...& "don't give young children tea or coffee, especially at meal times, because this reduces the amount of iron they can absorb"

and from the scottish executive website:
"Tea and coffee are not recommended for children under 5 as the tannin present can interfere with the absorption of iron."

KT12 Sun 19-Aug-07 10:33:16

You can give babies Rooibos (redbush) tea - see the link.

My DD loves it - I give her a small amount with Whole milk at breakfast time.

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