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12mth old refusenik (Apologies, i know been done before)

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caspercat Thu 16-Aug-07 13:25:05

DD been brilliant with her food until this week. Still eats her fruit, but anything else i put in front of her she throws on the floor (after blowing raspberries at it and scrunching up her face). I'm used to her throwing food when she's had enough, but not even trying things atm. Don't think she's teething and seems well. I know she's not gonna starve, but how do i deal with this? Should i just carry on offering food as usual, ignore the throwing, put food back on high chair and see what happens? I thought the fussy stage didn't happen for a while!!
Thanks for any replies xx

deaconblue Thu 16-Aug-07 20:40:27

grrrrrrrrrrrr isn't it bloody annoying. Ds did this from 9 months to about 11 months but is now a super duper eater again. A kind mumsnetter told me at the time to keep repeating "it's just a phase" over and over as you watch lovingly prepared food get ditched.

HappyCatandIzzy Fri 17-Aug-07 16:01:49

I am having exactly this problem. My 9 month old DD is spitting out everything I give her. She's been so good with food until this week. I really hope it's a phase. Think I'm going to start a thread on it and see if people have any good suggestions for things to put on toast, as toast is all she'll eat!

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