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Constipated, crying and being very difficult.

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michie40 Thu 16-Aug-07 13:21:16

Attempting to get my dd2 (5.5months) to swap from breast to bottle. She is extremely stubborn (if a 5month old is capable of this?) and screams and wriggles every time i offer the bottle. I have tried the tommee tippie bottle with the wide teat and the NUK teat which she seems to like better. She also starting on solids a few weeks ago which she likes but has since been suffering from constipation. I visited the GP when we reached 4 days without any poos and he gave her some laxitive which worked initially but she hasn't gone for 3 days again. Tried prune juice and extra water. I am now at my wits end with a baby that won't take milk from a bottle and won't poo. Please help.

LindaCymru Thu 16-Aug-07 17:25:50

Hi, have you tried her with a Doidy cup? I use one with my son, he's just 6 months and was also exclusively breastfed.

He got the hang of it really quickly. It's on a slant and has handles but no spout. It means you can miss out the bottle stage - better for teeth etc...Nothing to lose by having a go, well just a couple of quid!

Good luck!

totaleclipse Thu 16-Aug-07 17:38:42

Is she strainig to poo? when my dd did this I would lie her down in a bath of warm water, it used to do the trick.

PrettyCandles Thu 16-Aug-07 17:44:56

Do you give her babyrice? It can constipate some babies dreadfully. Ds1 and dd couldn' take it until they were on a wide range of solids, and then only when mixed with other foods, whereas it doesn't bung ds2 up at all (damn!).

Olive oil is very good for getting things moving gently. Put a few drops in her food just before you serve it (ie don't cook it) sot hat she ends up having about 1-2 tsps over the course of the day. It may take a couple of days to work. You can, of course, cook with it as well, but raw is more nutritious and effective for constipation.

Some mums swear by raisins. They're a bit difficult for a 5mo to manage, so you might want to mix them with something like oat porridge and then blitz them in the blender, you could simmer them in a bit of water or juice to soften them first.

Whatever you do, don't give her wheatbran - it's far too rough for a baby.

Mercy Thu 16-Aug-07 17:46:10

I'd go back to breast-feeding (for at least one feed a day) until she feels comfortable and starts pooing again (btw I am only guessing from a comfort pov not an informed one iyswim)

What solids have you been trying? And how much?

fiddlemama Thu 16-Aug-07 18:00:41

Agree with PrettyCandles re babyrice. My trusty recipe for my own babies constipation was warm orange juice with a liitle brown sugar added. Not very PC these days I know but it worked!

michie40 Thu 16-Aug-07 19:00:45

Thanks for all advice - I was just feeling a little tired and desperate earlier. However she has since pooed - hurray!!
I think it was the prune juice I fed her at lunch time. I will try the Doidy cup - thanks Linda. She seems to like drinking from her sisters tommee tipee beaker - not ideal but at least she is getting stuff in.
Thanks again.

LindaCymru Fri 17-Aug-07 14:00:19

Hi, just had another thought...

if you're expressing to use in bottle/cup try eating mangoes or grapes yourself. They pass through in the breastmilk and "loosen" things along!

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