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Baby rice

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needsaadult Fri 18-Oct-19 12:49:46

To start feeding baby rice is it 16 weeks or four Callander months, also someone recommended putting it in the bottle but I feel like it would be too thick has anyone else tried this?

LIZS Fri 18-Oct-19 12:52:10

It should not be mixed in a bottle as it presents a choking hazard. 16 weeks is minimum although 6 months recommended for weaning. Baby rice has the consistency of wallpaper paste and is bland. Waiting to 6 months means you can offer a wider variety of foods of non puree texture.

AlwaysColdHands Fri 18-Oct-19 13:01:59

This might be useful:

As pp said, do NOT put it in a bottle. Also be aware that although many foods say suitable from 4 months, it’s usually better to wait until 6 months, as per guidance.
Most 4 month babies are not ready for food (although I’m sure someone will come along and dispute that, it’s a bit of a debating point).

Aunaturalmama Mon 21-Oct-19 05:15:24

6 months minimum as their gut lining is not yet closed until then. Which can cause increased risk of allergies.
Rice is empty calories and grains are hard to digest. I would hold off on rice cereals. They are no longer recommending in most areas.

Aunaturalmama Mon 21-Oct-19 05:16:21

My baby crawled at 3 months and was ready to eat by 4. We still waited the 6 months for his health.

Thismummyruns Mon 21-Oct-19 05:53:28

All of the above!

DarkestPlace Mon 21-Oct-19 06:14:57

All rice contains an amount of arsenic. It used to be fed to babies as an ideal first food - it isn’t recommended any more.

There are far more nutritious and healthy foods to start baby onto, at or after the recommended age of 6 months.

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