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Food offered to weaning 6.5 month old

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hoorayforharoldlloyd Sun 13-Oct-19 07:05:10

I'm weaning our 6.5 month old - pureed or well mashed veg, natural yoghurt, attempts at weetabix, banana.

I offer at breakfast, bit at lunch, have been told something at dinner might help sleep.

What were you offering at this stage? Is it weird to offer veg breakfast? His favourite is boiled courgette!

He has tried scrambled egg and a pouch with fish in and one with lentil.

MustardScreams Sun 13-Oct-19 07:08:51

Dd just had what I had - porridge, eggs, toast, pancakes etc for breakfast.

Wraps/sandwiches/soup/hummus and breadsticks etc for lunch and then whatever I was having for dinner. I didn’t cook with any salt, used low salt stock cubes (seasoned mine when I took hers out). Avoided obvious choking hazards and honey.

I always think real food and flavours are best, babies aren’t some weird species that only need to eat puréed fruit and veg.

blackcat86 Sun 13-Oct-19 07:12:20

We offered 3 meals and 2 snacks so that DD could eat as much or as little as she wanted. I did pouches or purees for meals, then yoghurt and more baby led meals for snacks like toast, cucumber, chunks of banana etc. It worked really well and DD is a fantastic eater.

Daffodil2018 Sun 13-Oct-19 07:20:03

I just offer DD (9m) whatever i am eating.

Breakfast is a weetabix dribbled with milk, or a piece of toast or bagel, with some fruit.

Lunch is her main meal of the day and is leftovers from our dinner the night before. Eg chicken fajitas, fish and vegetables, mild chilli con carne. Followed by another piece of fruit.

Dinner is something like toast with savoury topping, rice cake and peanut butter or occasionally a jar of purée if I'm out of other stuff. Always some yoghurt before bedtime (as it's super messy and I can wash it off in the bath).

Snacks are vegetable sticks, cheese strings and Ella's Kitchen melty puffsgrin

hoorayforharoldlloyd Sun 13-Oct-19 08:59:52

@mustardscreams i take your point except that the average adult hasn't been on liquid only diet for 6 months.

I started totally baby led weaning but then felt a bit pressured by other mums whose kids are eating more - should just stick to my own thing...

Will try him on bits of what we are eating and see how he goes. His favourite thing is sticks of boiled veg anyway.

Are we talking literally a couple of bites/spoons?

PumpkinKing Sun 13-Oct-19 09:11:36

I did BLW with DD so she's eaten pretty much what we've eaten from the get go. Did 3 meals a day straight away.

have been told something at dinner might help sleep.
If only that were true. DD only started sleeping through a month ago! She's 13 months.

MustardScreams Sun 13-Oct-19 09:24:32

Chewing is great for jaw muscles and helps with talking in later life.

I highly recommend an infant first aid course, it is invaluable to have the knowledge in case the worst happens, and also teaches you the difference between gagging and choking.

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