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breastfdg to bottle??

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srs Mon 13-Aug-07 17:02:22

I have a 6 mth old who is on BM and eating very good with purees! However,I've tried to introduce a bottle to no success. I have been using Good Start formulat to try and wean, different bottles, nipples and positions and he hasn't taken to any! Any suggestions?? greatly appreciated!
Thanks srs

michie40 Mon 13-Aug-07 19:21:05

I posted a similiar thread a while ago - got some good advice - found using a NUK teat worked really well or the tommee tipee bottles with the really wide teat. The NUK latex teat seems to be the best.
If all esle fails you could go straight to a cup or beaker.
My DH wanted to fashion something out of one of my bras and a plastic bag but i managed to talk him out of it.

Cathy1185 Thu 16-Aug-07 21:14:24

Groan - it took me three months for my Daughter to take a bottle - and I tried loads of different ways just to end up with a child and mother on the brink.

In end only things that worked for me were:
using a MAMS bottle, sitting her on my knee facing away from me, feeding her half hour earlier than usual so she wasn't starving, using SMA pre pack formula at room temperature, not wiping her face until she'd had a drink (she was drinking no need to upset the apple cart), oh and I even put Barney on for her to watch whilst she drank (and I don't have TV on at all usually).

Good luck, and don't worry mine took so long to start taking and one day it just happened. Now trying with beakers - so could even by worth your while going straight to beaker and missing bottle completely out.

LelsandZaffy Thu 16-Aug-07 21:17:18

Can I ask why you are weaning on to formula srs?? (hides behind sofa!)

srs Thu 16-Aug-07 21:24:40

I am due back to work on Halloween, unfortunately I am concerned about the fact that my work is unpredictable and I may not be able to pump while at work ( 12 hr shifts in ER) and I am the only nurse on duty ( small town). So I figured I'd start early to try and wean him onto a bottle and formula i still have plenty of time to play with and am open to suggestions..... thanks to those of you have replied greatly appreciated!

Cathy1185 Thu 16-Aug-07 21:25:17

Mine has one formula feed a day - which is when she's at nursery (I'm back at work part time - groan!)

Breast feed the rest of the day (and night - even bigger groan!). Tried loads to get expressing but have never been able to get any where so formula it is.

Love breastfeeding though, but needs must at nursery - but as time goes on formula will be replaced by solids for lunch.

No need to hide behind sofa - so long as a child has a full belly that's all that matters!

ThursdayNext Thu 16-Aug-07 21:32:25

You may be able to go straight to a cup if you wanted to?
Have a couple of friends who have done this at around 8 months with no problems.
Long shifts are such a pain, poor you. If you were just working an 8 hour day it would be so easy to just feed morning and evening.
I think some babies will take a bottle from dads / grannies etc. but not from mums?

hunkermunker Thu 16-Aug-07 21:38:13

srs, will he take expressed breastmilk?

That would get him used to taking a bottle.

And you've a month and a half to stockpile EBM in the freezer and that way you'll have enough for when you go back to work for a bit - and by the time it's run out, he's likely to be able to go without milk during the time you're away from him, if you can't express.

srs Tue 21-Aug-07 15:29:06

I have tried EBM unfortunately my pump sucks and I ended up with a blocked duck adn then mastitis!! UGH! and am now on antibiotics, which I suggested rather then havning it drained ( and then not being able to breastfeed and pump again...) UGH!SO, I am now resolving this with meds ( not too thrilled about that butnot an option I guess!) I've given up trying to give the bottle at the moment, to busy with everything else, I will retry next week and I figured my husband will beoff for the long weekend, that will be a good time to introduce the bottle again and really focus on it! so, we shall see..... all in good time eh???
PS: when I had the EBM he still didn't take to it in a bottle, my girlfriend suggested to use Playtex's nipple very soft and worked for her,so....... once again we shall see!

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