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Advice on dropping milk feeds. Confused!!

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Ab31 Sun 12-Aug-07 11:35:24

My nearly 9 month dd is eating 3 solid meals a day (with varying degrees of success!) plus a big b/f first thing and 3 short b/fs mid morning, mid afternoon and at bed time. I'm really confused as to when I should be dropping the day time milk feeds and which one to drop first etc etc.
Can anyone advise???

magnolia1 Sun 12-Aug-07 11:47:28

Why do you want to drop feeds?. She is only having 4 a day which is not a huge amount unless you are returning to work ect and need to drop for that reason?

Mt ds1 is 8 months and still b/f whenever he wants to which is normally 6-8 times a day and 2-3 times in the night

mears Sun 12-Aug-07 11:52:29

Breastfeds aren't like bottle feeds which are dropped as solids are established. Babies breastfeed for reasons other than nutition - it is a comfort to them. Basically you can drop the feeds whenever you want but if you nad baby like them, keep them going. Babies should still have breastmilk or formula milk to drink till at least a year old.

WanderingTrolley Sun 12-Aug-07 12:00:16

You might find your dd will drop feeds of her own accord.

FunkyGlassSlipper Sun 12-Aug-07 12:02:36

I was at the end of my tether a month ago as DD was having about 6 breastfeeds a day on top of 3 main meals and a snack. I felt I was doing nothing but feeding her.

She has suddenly, by herself started napping longer and so stretching out her breastfeeds and then without me realising we'd got to 3 breastfeeds a day. very long feeds am and pm and then a short feed mid-afternoon.

Your DC may just work it out by themselves.

sar123 Sun 12-Aug-07 12:17:47

Hi Ab31 as others have said you can carry on as you are if you and dd are happy. Or, if you are like me and aiming to stop breastfeeding at 12 months, you can start to cut out a feed at a time. You say the 3 daytime feeds are short, so maybe dd won't miss one of them. When my dd was 9 months I chose the mid morning feed to cut out first because she was napping longest in the morning, and waking up quite close to her solid lunchtime. About 4 - 6 weeks later I cut out the mid afternoon feed because she was not so interested anymore and so I thought I'd give it a try and see if she missed it. Then it was the early morning feed a few weeks after that, and now she's 13 months I've just stopped altogether - it was really easy probably because I've gradually reduced the feeds over a long period of time and I've cut down when I've felt she was ready. I stopped completely 2 weeks ago and haven't yet felt the need to express which tells me that perhaps my supply was adjusting to her lack of interest (I had suspected for a while she wasn't really feeding at bedtme, just sucking for comfort, and she hasn't been in any way unsettled at bedtime by my stopping). Anyway - do what feels right for you and dd - I stopped because dp and I want to start ttc no. 2 in the next few months and I wanted a break first (and to get my periods back!). Good luck.

Ab31 Mon 13-Aug-07 09:25:02

Thanks all.
I'm happy to carry on as we are but it's often a real effort to get her to eat at her solid feeds so I wondered whether she shouldn't be having so many b/fs. I read somewhere that nutritionally the food should start taking over but that's definitely not happening at the mo'. I wasn't sure though if I just dropped a feed whether I would be helping her to eat solids or taking away important nutrition.
I DO wish she'd come with a manual.....

magnolia1 Mon 13-Aug-07 09:27:19

Nope, milk is main source of nutrition for 1st year. Food is an extra

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