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Weaning - books, websites, insta accounts

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Keeponmovin123 Wed 25-Sep-19 12:51:33

Hi everyone - I'm about to start this process and wondered if you had any top tips about books, websites, insta accounts that I should definitely have a look at.
Many thanks

user1493413286 Wed 25-Sep-19 12:54:13

The Ellas kitchen books are good; recipes are simple and really nice

emphasisofmatter Wed 25-Sep-19 13:47:44

Try the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook app smile

OverthinkingThis Mon 14-Oct-19 15:44:20

I had a book called Weaning Made Easy. It covered both pureee and blw approaches and gave the pros and cons of each without being preachy.

SmallAndFarAway Mon 14-Oct-19 21:34:30

The baby-led weaning book all the way!

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