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Any tips on overcoming constipation when weaning?

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hamkin Fri 10-Aug-07 23:46:26

I started weaning my ds when he was 5 months old (now 5.5 months). He is bf. Started him on fruit and veg purees with baby rice. He does not pooh every day but sometimes goes 3 days without poohing? Is this normal? I have tried giving him lactulose as a last resort when he did not go for 4 days last week, which worked. I have tried to offer water at different times throughout the day, but he doesn't seem interested (i have only recently got him to take expressed milk form a bottle as he usually totally refuses to have a bottle) Any advice?

hunkermunker Fri 10-Aug-07 23:47:49

Baby rice probably bunging him up.

Sounds like he might not be ready for food.

Try stopping food for a bit and easing back to just milk for a couple of weeks.

hamkin Fri 10-Aug-07 23:50:13

Thanks. will give it a go.

walbert Fri 10-Aug-07 23:50:13

I just had to have lots of those little training cups dotted around house with the boiled water in to keep remembering to offer a drink to dd (remember, every little sip cpounts, so persevere) and, afetr a little spell where she had fairly hard poos that seemed to make her cry a bit, they did seem to soften. Also, if you make some apricot and prune as a pudding, that might help move things along: equal amount prune and apricots (i used dried then covered them in water and cooked them till really soft and pureed the mix: looks like it would do when it comes back out!, but you can use tinned, you ust might want to drain the syrup and use water instead to cook them)

hamkin Fri 10-Aug-07 23:57:10

prunes sound like a good idea as i think he is ready for some solids. He started waking in the night etc, before i began solids, which seemed to indicate being hungry (i think so, anyway!!) wil give it a go. Bought a couple of training cups today, too, for the water, which i hope he takes to better than the bottle! cheers.

walbert Fri 10-Aug-07 23:59:22

Well, my dd was also 5.5m when weaned, and she did have a phase of hard poos not a s often as her usual splodges! Hope it all heklps anyway

millie99 Sat 11-Aug-07 00:09:10

My DS sufffered v.badly to the extent that the Gp sent him for an X-ray to check nothing amiss as you could feel the hard poo through his stomach like a line of marbles!
Having tried all suggestions from friends and family re stewed apples and apricots, lactulose and pessaries from GP the magic ingredient was of course prune juice. In desperation I lay DS on floor and poured a tspn full down his throat. He unblocked within a few hours.
I then gave it to him diluted 1:20 ish with warm water in a bottle whenever necessary and he got quite a taste for it. Unfortunately given the colour other people think you're giving your child flat coke.

terramum Sat 11-Aug-07 21:38:05

hamkin - what are his poos like?

hamkin Sun 12-Aug-07 10:28:53

they are quite firm, terramum. Not rock hard, but firm (they will squash quite easily when pressed!!)also, they are not really dark or anything - brownish yellow!. Is this normal? Keep expecting them be a bit more soft and runny?

lissie Sun 12-Aug-07 10:35:55

i always thought that constipation was a sign that their bodies werent quite ready for food just yet, but if you really think he's ready then try a little bit of fresh oj in some cooled boiled water. works a treat!

terramum Sun 12-Aug-07 11:20:02

Constipation can be a sign that the baby might not be ready for solids, or is sensitive to a particular food or can't cope very well with the reduction in BM they are getting. Some bf babies seem to do manage the transition to bm & solids quite well & don't get constipated & some don't & need a little extra fluids (water) to prevent constipation. It's a difficult balance because obviously water doesn't have any nutrients/calories but will take up room in the baby's stomach. Some Mums find that simply reducing the amount of solids they give & upping the amount of BM works really well & then trying more solids at a later date....

hamkin Mon 13-Aug-07 21:08:27

Thanks everyone. Great news - poohs seem to have returned to normal today! one of the training cups i bought (Tomee Tippee) he likes to have a good chew on, (seems quite an expert now - doing it two handed!)which means he is getting some water. I have also stopped the baby rice and cut down slightly on the solids. Result - a happier, poohing baby!! Cheers. So relieved (BOTH OF US!!)

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