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Drinking enough

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Hels67 Fri 10-Aug-07 11:15:05

Hi there,
My DD, 7.5 mths, is loving all the mushy foods she's been having while weaning, but in the past 3 days is hardly drinking anything at all, neither milk, juice or water.

When she does take a good feed it is at an unusual time (eg 11.30pm last night when she never normally has a feed at all) and I seem to be wasting so much formula milk, as I never know whether she'll have 60ml or 160ml at any feed anymore - she usually has around 550ml in a day, now it is closer to 350ml, which is not enough .

I feel really frustrated as to how to get more liquid into her, especially with this warmer weather - I try adding more milk to cereals and her meals in general.

She is well in herself and sleeping, playing, wetting and dirting nappies as normal, however, she is teething (no teeth yet), so could this be a cause?

Any suggestions welcome for either getting more liquid into DD or to ease my frustrations - I just see this as the start of many meal time battles yet to come and I'm not sure I can face it

gillhowe Fri 10-Aug-07 12:30:33

Hi, My DS went completely off milk at about that age. He's 9 months now and some days only has 300ml (inc the formula on his weetabix) and maybe a small bf at night and never has more than 450 (and that is v. rare). He eats a good amount of dairy (yogurt, cheese etc)and is definitley not wasting away.

As long as you offer water/milk etc it will be fine (no end to the wasted formula!) we have a sippy cup of water (one of the tommee tippee first cups) on the go all day and he has the odd sip (it all adds up) .

Watch the wet nappies and weight as well if your worried.

Oh and remember that there is quite a lot of water in fruit and veg as well so she will be getting water that way

Hels67 Fri 10-Aug-07 12:48:53

Thanks gillhowe for your response - you don't know how glad I am that someone else's LO has been the same!
She has no problem with her weight - 19lb 4oz - the HV thought I was a bit paranoid to be so worried - but I guess you are when it's your first baby.
It's a good idea to have the sippy cup on the go all day - I will definitely try that (she blows into it usually though, so maybe I have a future brass instrument musician on my hands ).
Thanks again - I feel a lot better now .

gillhowe Fri 10-Aug-07 15:47:02

Glad to hear you are less worried - do keep offering the milk, she might have days when she want loads to make up. I know what you mean about first babies - they are a constant worry!

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