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what time for solids with these milk feed times?

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choolie Thu 09-Aug-07 21:18:54

DS feeds (BF) 9am, 12-12.30pmish, sometimes 2pm or sometimes 4pm, 6.15pm, sleepy feed whenever he wakes between 9.30 -10.30 and then still wakes a couple of times at night for a feed. (before 9am, he might have fed at 5 or 6am, sometimes he'll have fed 4am, but for some reason won't feed 7am - everything is too exciting now!).

for those who have started weaning, what do you think the best times for solids are with his milk feeds, and which milk feeds do I keep and which drop? - He's 5.5mo, still BF. should I carry on with all the milk feeds and see which ones he drops himself? HV said don't offer any water, milk is enough, is this right? he's had some baby rice already and moved onto purees, and I tend to offer these 11am and 4pm in-between milk feeds, but am not sure if this is causing him to not take as much milk as he needs.

I'm really confused as to how much solids v's milk he should be getting and would be grateful for any suggestions / pointers to good sources of info. cheers.

jumpyjan Thu 09-Aug-07 21:31:12

Hi Choolie

My DD is nearly seven months and I started her on solids at six months - she is breastfed too. I am still finding my way with it all but this is what I do at the moment:

8.30ish breakfast (weetabix or readybrek)
Breastfeed afterwards

12.30ish lunch (meat/fish with veg & pud)
Breastfeed afterwards

4.30ish tea (pureed veg/fruit or scrambled egg) & a cup of water (she does not drink much just trying to get her used to the cup)

6.30/7.00 ish bedtime breastfeed.

4.00am currently waking around this time for a breastfeed also.

So 4 breastfeeds in 24 hours and three solid meals. I was worried this was not enough but health visitor said they are so efficient at feeding at this stage they can get all the milk they require in about 2 feeds.

Hope this helps - good luck.

choolie Thu 09-Aug-07 21:35:58

brill, thanks for that, that's really helpful!

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