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7.5months weaning HELP getting worse

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Impossibletofindausername Thu 12-Sep-19 20:07:49

Long story short my little girl has reflux and always been a fussy milk drinker she has good and bad spells. Advised by paediatrician to wean early at 4months due to poor milk however I waited till near 5 months she took to it well just doing veg and fruit purée was going good then since 6 months she’s show lack of interest in food some days she will have bits some none at all. On a good day she usually has half a weetabix with fruit then a full pouch over the day so say dinner and tea and some melty crisps . However we very rearly have good days lately it’s just a few spoons and won’t have nothing else. I’ve tried finger foods like toast and veg and puts it by her mouth then messes or on the floor.
Anyone experience weaning being so hard and going backwards? I’m wondering if she just doesn’t have a big appetite and while having all her milk just isn’t as hungry (max milk she ever has is 28oz) anyone cut bottles out or smaller bottles? Health visitors tell me not too till she’s established weaning but was wondering any lovely people been in a similar situation and anything worked for you?

birdybirdbird Fri 20-Sep-19 19:27:19

Could she be teething? My 11 month old always gets really fussy with eating when he’s cutting a tooth. If not, just keep trying different things and offering it. I’m sure your LO will come back to it. Maybe try some different finger foods? Toast, banana and sweet potato chunks have always been popular here.

Ohnoherewego62 Fri 20-Sep-19 19:31:57

Possibly teething- try cold crunchy safe foods like melon, peppers, cucumbers etc. Tbid should encourage chewing and reduce heat and pain from mouth.

I'd spoon feed a step up from puree so with a few lumps and give strips of banana, avocado or chopped orange along side it. All cool and soft. Offer brocolli, carrot or cauliflower chunks.

Keep trying. Has she any intolerances upsetting her stomach. Mines had reflux and was terrible some days with her milk and it was cows milk intolerance so were dairy free weaning and majorly been great experience.

Also my baby seems to love fish, is this an option for you to try?

They do seem to get the hang of it eventually.

Impossibletofindausername Mon 23-Sep-19 21:15:04

Thank you for your reply I’d say teething however she’s so hit and miss and the last two weeks two teeth have popped through and not one bit of solids passed her lips so assume that was teething today she has managed small bits but not a lot

Impossibletofindausername Mon 23-Sep-19 21:18:22

Hmmm I don’t think it wS teething because we hVe just had 2 teeth come through in the last two weeks and literally no solids went passed her lips, today was okay small amounts.
I’ve tried her with lumps and she’s not too bad likes to wretch a lot with food these days
She has reflux too what was your little girls symptoms for the CMPI? She’s not got any intolerances I know of but it’s making me think is something irritating her while she won’t take to solids well. But the reflux sickness is getting better and she doesn’t have mucous poop or anything
Did you do BLW or both

worriedmammy82 Fri 04-Oct-19 14:49:09

my little one is the exact same, 7.5months and feel like we are going backways, like u on a good day she will take a few spoons and as for milk she is point blank refusing it too now., I know she is teething and I just feel like ive failed as a first time mum. I keep trying her with foods but she closes that mouth and there is no going in.

Impossibletofindausername Fri 04-Oct-19 21:05:35

If it makes you feel any better we are no further along and she’s 8 months just not getting anywhere we recently this week had 3 consecutive days and she had either 2 good meals or one day had 3 meals so thought maybe she was taking an interest but nope since yesterday backwards again had half a pouch all day and moaning when trying , I’ve given up making my own I’m fed up binning everything.
When my little one was teething not a single bit of food past her lips for near enough 2 weeks I did stop trying after a week . I wished I had some wise tips for you but it’s literally driving me mental now , I’m back to work in 5 weeks and never thought she wouldn’t be weaned but at this rate she won’t we. We are having hit and miss days with milk some days draining all bottles some days messing with them all .

worriedmammy82 Fri 04-Oct-19 21:46:33

Im a first time mammy and it's wrecking my head. So hard to know what to do and yes fed up binning food. If I get her to start drinking a bottle she will clean it but when she sees bottle she closes mouth shut and turns her head away. I thought it would get easier once they took to the spoon but we've just hit a road block... People say its a phase I'm hoping there right x

Impossibletofindausername Sat 05-Oct-19 10:22:31

First time mum too and feel like haven’t much of a clue what I’m doing with this weaning except trying to wing it and clearly failing. My daughter done that for 5 days last week wouldn’t open her mouth for the bottle but once you got it in she drank near enough the whole thing and she jut stopped that so let’s hope your little one stops it too. Everyone’s always told me her messing with milk was a phase and that went on months and as for weaning I don’t think this is a phase either I’m praying for this day she just starts taking everything and enjoying it x

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