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Every time i give ds solids he throws up!

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theUrbanDryad Wed 08-Aug-07 18:21:58

ok, so i know babies don't really choke, they gag, but ds gags on everything. then he vomits. everything, including whatever he's been eating and his last milk feed. he gets very distressed about it.

i started off doing BLW, then went to doing BLW for lunch and purees for dinner, but he just gags and vomits everything up. it's getting to the stage where i'm wondering if he's ready at all, but he's 7mo, he must be ready by now, surely???

Aitch Wed 08-Aug-07 21:26:11

well, not necessarily. but it must be a pita nevertheless. i know i've given this revolting example before on here but the gag reflex moves back, and in fact can be trained to move really far back (think of a very old profession that might make use of that skill...).

so it might be just a case of keeping trying and waiting for it to move but then that might be just too annoying. what happens if you use a spoon, or hand him a spoon to lick?

also, does it make any difference if you don't give him 'lunch' and 'dinner' but just offer him things as snacks, so it's not too close to his milk feeds?

Cathy1185 Thu 16-Aug-07 21:21:02

When I began to wean my baby took well, but then a week in she gagged and pucked everything back up. I went back to giving baby rice only once she was ok with this I began to reintroduce veg purees (left the fruit for a while) mixed in with the baby rice.

Weaning began again.

Carulli Thu 08-Oct-09 16:41:35

My 11 month old still vomits when she gags. Is happy to chew toast or cheerios etc and is sometimes OK but she often gags just as her twin sister does. The difference is her siser just gags and brings up that mouthful, whereas this one keeps gagging until she totally empties her stomach. It's very worrying and affecting her weight gain.

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