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Help! 14 month old dd happily refusing all food.

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janeybooks Mon 06-Aug-07 18:25:12

Plus trying to wean off breast but that's all she wants. Advice please!

daisyandbabybootoo Mon 06-Aug-07 18:42:13

no advice really as my DS was always a hearty eater at that age, but keeping this bumped for you.

janeybooks Mon 06-Aug-07 18:43:41


fiddlemama Mon 06-Aug-07 18:45:17

Unless you have a specific reason for wanting her weaned, don't worry and just continue to enjoy your special relationship while she still wants it. I weaned DD1 at seven months because I wanted to get pregnant again and had been told that breastfeeding decreased fertility (how dumb can I be?!) DS wanted nothing but breast until he was 18 months and is now a strapping 14 year old who eats all before him! DD2 (conceived whilst breastfeeding DS and totally unplanned - though much loved obviously) totally rejected the breast at 8 months and I have never felt so bereft!!!! They are all different but they all find their own route in the end and you don't find many breasting feeding adults (outside of "Little Britain"!) so why worry at this stage?

beansprout Mon 06-Aug-07 18:46:45

Try not to worry, she is learning that she has choices and this is one she can exercise. I would say don't get into offering her lots of different options in an effort to get her to eat something, just offer her the food you have prepared and then, if she doesn't want it, wait until the next snack/meal. These phases are usually fairly short lived!

janeybooks Mon 06-Aug-07 18:50:02

You just can't help feeling they 'should' be eating! Have offered every finger-food poss, but don't push it, as beansprout says.

fiddlemama Mon 06-Aug-07 19:15:44

Honestly know how you feel. Felt exactly the same with DS but she will be ok, truly. Unless she is not thriving please don't worry and if anyone at M & T groups or anywhere makes comment just tell them to myob.
I am sure she will begin to show an interest in solids in the next few months.
My DS began with buns after he had had a wonderful time making a mess whilst "helping mummy to make them". When he saw mum and big sis wolfing them down he wanted in on the action himself!
Of course he was 4 months older than your DD at the time and they develop their motor skills so rapidly around that age so it is quite a big gap skill wise, but as soon as she is able, let her help stirring mixtures when you are baking and talk her through what you are doing and she might just be interested enough to try the end result herself?

funnypeculiar Mon 06-Aug-07 19:25:46

How long as she been like it - any signs of teeth?? Dd (16 mths) has had a few stretches of literally not eating more than a few mouthfuls a day, but guzzling milk. She will then suddenly reveal a new tooth, and start eating again. Never has any other symptoms of teething so it catches me out every time. ...

janeybooks Mon 06-Aug-07 19:43:34

Seems to have been getting progressively 'worse' for last couple of months. Lots of teeth coming through, and generally gets a cold and general grumpiness with them, so wouldn't say any noticeable connection to eating. Thanks though.

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