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Back to work, weaning and breastfeeding

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tappitytaptap Fri 23-Aug-19 09:14:06

Hi all
I was hoping for some reassurance as although this is DS2, I'm in a different situation than I was with DS1!
I'm back to work in just over a week's time when DC2 will be just over 11 months. He is BF, doesn't take a bottle (though trying him again later) and has never had formula (not formula bashing at all, DS1 was fully FF by 8 months, but it seems pointless to introduce for a few weeks til he can drink cows milk).
We introduced solids about 5.5 months. Mostly finger food, but will eat certain things off a spoon (e.g. yoghurt, mashed potato, beans, cereal etc). He's taken well to solids in terms of variety and will eat/try most things, but quantity eaten varies a lot, some meals he'll eat loads and others not so much. He still has quite a few BFs (demanded), so morning, evening, mid morning and mid afternoon and through the night for comfort (thats another issue...). The mid morning and mid afternoon ones he has solid snacks too, but still usually wants a quick feed, sometimes to sleep. Nursery are going to give him a sippy cup of EBM (til aged one as they won't give cows milk before) with his snacks. On his taster sessions he's sipped at this but not drank any great quantity. My parents also have him on my other working days and he'll have some cows milk in a sippy cup then. He also sips at water throughout the day but does spit some of it back out. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that he won't starve in my absence blush. He's in the middle of his 4 top teeth coming through which is clearly making eating more difficult for him and has occasionally requested extra BFs in the day whilst this has been going on. Anyone got any experience to share that might make me feel a bit less nervous about it all? I went back to work earlier with DS1 and his eating was up and down until probably about 18 months, but now he eats tonnes and is on the 98th centile so worrying about it at the time was clearly pointless!

Hangingtrousers Fri 23-Aug-19 09:18:24

This was both my dds - I went back at 10 months.
They adapted to not feeding pretty easily and basically only had water and food in the day. They made up for it when they were with me.
It was fine. I continued bf till 15months with both.

tappitytaptap Sat 24-Aug-19 08:50:26

@Hangingtrousers thanks for the reassurance! I'm sure he'll be fine, its harder as he's going through a 'wanting mummy' stage at the moment, probably separation anxiety but its making me worry more. Though I left him with DH yesterday afternoon/evening and he was fine, ate a huge dinner, took an ounce (ha!) of a bottle and went to sleep. Made up for the milk overnight though, not more feeds but could hear him gulping and swallowing rather than just sucking.

Hangingtrousers Sat 24-Aug-19 11:09:11

Yes they do make up for it over night.
The kellymom website is fab for going back to work advise.

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