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Loosing 3 bottles by 8 months

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katybob Fri 23-Aug-19 00:32:26

My baby boy is loosing interest in his bottles. He has 3 8oz bottles and two meals equating to 120g a day. Breakfast afternoon and bedtimes bottles. Late morning solid breakfast after a nap and tea time solids. He’s taken too eating with no probs. We just went straight in and lost a bottle at 6 months and then another at 7. We gave him little bits from 4 months. So tomorrow I’m thinking I’ll loose breakfast bottle and give him solid breakfast solid early lunch and then bottle for nap, solid dinner and bedtime bottle. I feel I’m taking the bottles away too early but he’s not fussed by them. I don’t want to ask hv as they always tell you what they have to tell you. Any one any advice. I’m gunna try tomorrow anyway see how he gets on. But still would like a bit of input.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 23-Aug-19 09:03:57

At the moment he needs at least 20floz a day. This is because he needs the fat and protein to grow and develop and the vitamins from the formula.

You can give less than this but you would need to pay careful attention to how much fat and ordinary he gets and calcium too. He’d also need a vitamin supplement.

Once he’s 11 months you can cut it down again to 13.5 floz and when he’s 12 months he’ll need roughly 10 floz of full fat cows milk a day until he’s 2.

There’s a really good guide from the Caroline Walker Trust that explains what they need and even gives sample menus.

One thing that you could try is giving him a cup of formula with his breakfast instead of the bottle? Maybe a couple of ounces in the cup and a couple of ounces on cereal?

Grimbles Fri 23-Aug-19 16:58:16

I make up my DDs breakfast with formula milk - she has 1 oatibix mixed with 5oz of formula which bumps up her intake.

katybob Thu 12-Sep-19 19:44:13

He had 4oz for breakfast for about a week and porridge and he was really loving it. Was a bit poorly so gave him bottles for a couple of days to comfort him and he’s guzzling them down so he’s back on the breakfast bottle for a while longer

Aunaturalmama Mon 21-Oct-19 05:19:55

Losing bottles Before 1 is a sign baby is eating too many solids. Food befits one is just for fun is a well known saying because food shouldn’t replace milk bedorev1. Cut bottles after 1 and dial back on food until then

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