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8 month old breakfast

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SquigglePigs Tue 20-Aug-19 21:23:37

My DD has taken to weaning pretty well and I think has a pretty varied diet at this point. The sticking point seems to be breakfast.

We tried her on porridge ("normal" and baby) and Weetabix but she'll eat a couple of mouthfuls max before rejecting them. Breakfast at the moment consists of fruit and yogurt and sometimes toast (although to be honest she mostly sucks the topping off and 90% of the actual toast comes back out).

She enjoyed stealing a bit of my pancakes the other day but I'm not keen on the amount of sugar in them. I tried making some baby friendly ones with bananas in instead of sugar but they were resoundingly rejected.

Someone on another thread mentioned eggy bread which I'm going to try and I thought cooked omelette cut into strips might do down well (she certainly enjoys scrambled egg and enjoyed bits of her Grandad's omelette at lunch at the weekend).

Does anyone have any other good ideas for an 8 month olds breakfast?

In the interests of full disclosure I'm a fussy sod who pretty much has too cook breakfast every day because I'm rubbish with conventional "breakfast" foods like cereal and porridge (I'll eat a bit of porridge when the weather is rubbish but once or twice a week at most) and I'd like to not get to the point where I have to cook my DD breakfast everyday when she's at school because she's inherited my fusiness! Right now I'd just like to inject some variety into proceedings!

Ricekrispie22 Wed 21-Aug-19 05:22:13

If you don’t want your Dd to inherit your fussiness, I’d persevere with the toast and cereal/porridge alongside yogurt and fruit. Have you tried stirring yogurt and fruit into the porridge?

HeyMicky Wed 21-Aug-19 06:03:10

Dry cereal - Cheerios are good for pincer grip. You can get low sugar multigrwain versions
Baked beans - ditto, use the reduced salt/sugar versions
Porridge pancake - make up some chunky porridge, put it in a flat container and microwave til firm, then cut into fingers
Pancakes - just make them without the sugar
Crumpets - might be better received than toast
Eggs of all kinds
Quasadilla with ham and cheese, add a bit of avocado
Carrot and courgette bread - make a low sugar version and top with cream cheese
Veggie muffins
Pinwheel sandwiches - bread doesn't have to be toasted in the mornings. Cream cheese, cheese spread, avocado, peanut butter, banana are all good fillings

SquigglePigs Wed 21-Aug-19 10:13:42

Thanks for both those responses.

@Ricekrispie22, yes we've mixed fruit into her porridge - gets us a few mouthfuls down at best. hmm Think you're right that some perseverance is required.

@HeyMicky thank you for those ideas, they're great! (I used to take dry cheerios to school as a snack as a kid/teenager!) Actually DD did enjoy bits of my Dads crumpet the other week so I'll pick some up for her.

What do you mean by pinwheel sandwiches? They sound interesting. She does love peanut butter and hummus so they'd be good things to go in it, and banana.

HeyMicky Wed 21-Aug-19 11:00:20

Pinwheels - cut the crusts off a slice of bread, roll it out a bit then top and roll up and cut into slices. Or alternatively spread a sheet of puff pastry with some sweet or savoury toppings, roll up, cut into rounds and bake.

Meant to say as well, lots of those things can be made and frozen individually to be thawed out the night before - puff pastry wheels, eggy bread, muffins, courgette cake slices, pancakes - and the porridge pancakes can be made and kept in the fridge.

Also, if you want to add more protein, try some mini sausages or even a little lamb chop he can gnaw off the bone. Cheese on toast or toasted sandwiches as well. Or go a bit Scandi with some cheese, a boiled egg, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

SquigglePigs Wed 21-Aug-19 14:03:58

@HeyMicky thank you very much! Feeling all inspired now grin Definitely like the freezing and pulling out different things the night before.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 22-Aug-19 12:19:41

* Meant to say as well, lots of those things can be made and frozen individually to be thawed out the night before - puff pastry wheels, eggy bread, muffins, courgette cake slices, pancakes* good luck with freezing pancakes, mine have always scoffed them long before they get cool never mind frozen, blueberry muffins especially smile

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