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Proud Mummy :)

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FunkyGlassSlipper Fri 27-Jul-07 20:07:04

DD2 has just come with us to the Harvester.

She ate her whole dinner from the salad bar and big sisters pasta & sauce plate. So she had pasta & tomato sauce, grated carrot, sweetcorn, bread roll, and even some pineapple.

Since weaning I have started with some homemade purees, 4mth jars, then 7 mth jars, weetabix, fruit pots and yoghurts. I give her pretty much what is available as finger food. For example, grated cheese, banana, rice cakes, quiche, pear, pasta etc.

I'll be honest I cant face giving her anything too messy like weetabix or yoghurt to self-feed so I cant call myself a 'proper BLWer' but I think she's doing great anyway

constancereader Fri 27-Jul-07 21:15:26

Well done! Sounds like she is going for it.

I was really pleased today when ds ate a strawberry all by himself.

FunkyGlassSlipper Sat 28-Jul-07 05:48:30

thanks. forgot to say she is nearly 8 months.

annoyingdevil Sat 28-Jul-07 10:59:52

That's great! sounds like my method of weaning. Both my babies self-fed since they were weaned, BUT were spoon fed things like yoghurt. I think it's a fab way of weaning and makes for pretty unfussy eaters

FunkyGlassSlipper Mon 30-Jul-07 16:22:47

Thanks annoyingdevil. It definitely seems to work for us

Aitch Wed 01-Aug-07 14:54:40

FGS, you can call yourself a proper BLWer if you want, the good thing is that there aren't really any rules. it was only on the very odd occasion that i could face giving dd yoghurt until she was about 12 months old...
well done baby fgs!

and lol at the fact i've just realised that your initials also say for god's sake.

FunkyGlassSlipper Wed 01-Aug-07 15:54:30


Glad you like my name!

We're still doing well. DD ate some of a french stick (bread) yesterday, along with melon for breakfast this morning so I now just give her whatever is around. I still have jars for when we go out and I dont want her to make too much mess although the Harvester last week were very gracious about all the muck on the floor when we'd finished

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