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My 6 month old DD just ate (the majority of ) a banana!!!!

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cazee Wed 18-Jul-07 23:05:15

Have been trying BLW, but I am REALLY scared about the gagging, so have not been doing it properly, but even so DD has picked up enough in the last 3 weeks to eat a banana! and no gagging!
She also wolfed down some rye bread
I have been spooning some rubbish in a jar in to her because I wanted her to be able to be fed by others if I am not around (she will not take EBM at all any more) but I now feel that I will stop, as she obviously knows how she wants to eat.
Wish I had committed to this at the beginning. Watching her eat that banana was one of the loveliest things I have seen in ages.

maisym Wed 18-Jul-07 23:06:15

the nappy will be lovely as well

Beauregard Wed 18-Jul-07 23:07:26

Just remember for when you give Weetabix,it really does come out as it goes in iykwim?

uberalicelongbottom Wed 18-Jul-07 23:08:15

It's nice isn't it? I was so scared at first that I kept fishing bits of food out of DS's mouth. In the end I resolved to stand and watch from the other side of the kitchen to resist the temptation. Well done you.

ruddynorah Thu 19-Jul-07 08:41:31

aww lovely. people can still feed her when you're not there. it's just that they'll be making her a sandwich and chopping some fruit for her rather than getting a spoon and a jar out

tiktok Thu 19-Jul-07 10:26:05

Aw bless! I do love the relish babies demonstrate when they are eating something delish which they manage themselves...they adore finding more effective ways of getting more in

I expect you have had the nappy by now......

babypowder Thu 19-Jul-07 11:52:26

It's funny, as soon as I read the thread title I wondered whether the nappy had arrived yet! DD2 would live on bananas, (she's 7months now) and quinoa with cheese and spinach, both of which create interesting nappies!

Aitch Thu 19-Jul-07 12:07:31

okay, the Banana Nappy is not just interesting, it's often horrifying. be aware when you see it that your child has not suddenly contracted intestinal worms... that's banana poo. i phoned my mum nearly in tears when i saw dd's first one.
lovely story, cazee, and ruddynorah's right as usual. well done cazee's baby, i'm sure she'll go from strength to strength now.

cazee Thu 19-Jul-07 12:30:06

I am really dreading this nappy now...!

cazee Fri 20-Jul-07 09:52:13

Well, the nappy arrived, but it was ok.

Have decided to quit jars now, so it is BLW all the way! She ate some fruit, and then a chip in the tesco Cafe yesterday! I watched her bite and swallow every bit of it. It is really amazing how quickly she has got the hang of this.

I have packed her a lunch box to take to Granny's, rye bread strips and apple rice cakes. Really don't know what MIL will make of this!

Also, while she will not drink EBM from a bottle or cup, she did drink home made smoothy from my (v thick) glass, so I am thinking of trying her with EBM in an open top cup?

ruddynorah Fri 20-Jul-07 09:56:47

perfect! cup idea is great, lots of bf babies don't like bottles but take to cups very well. are you putting some 'wet' food in her lunch box too? a peach? just thinking rice cakes and rye bread are quite dry IYSWIM. how about some cheese?

meandmyflyingmachine Fri 20-Jul-07 09:59:03

My ds would only drink from open topped cups - never one with a lid. Regularly got drenched, but never mind. Might have been differentif I were using ebm though, but mostly becuase I couldn't express well at all and it would have been far too precious...

My dd announced she was fed up with waiting to be weaned (7mo, I sort of forgot to start by grabbing a piece of bread off my plate and eating it.

tiktok Fri 20-Jul-07 11:38:28

Babies and toddlers love drinking from your cup, and in my experience, they love drinking from your glass even more. I think it's to do with the social side of eating and sharing meals....they just want to share, and when they're still little, this is more important to them than having their own 'special' cup. That comes later.

Aitch Fri 20-Jul-07 12:05:26

i used to use a tea light candle holder thingie, it was just the right size. i think this wee girl was only about 6 months old when this was taken.

bozza Fri 20-Jul-07 12:13:31

That is fantastic that she can eat a banana because they are so easy and portable you can be out and about and no need to worry about her getting hungry just grab a banana.

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Fri 20-Jul-07 12:18:03

im a big advocate of BLW, always thought that giving them pureed food was abit like presenting your dinner guests with a smoothie for their main course!

also, i find that they (and you) get used to the gagging. i definately dont panic so much when my dd (8 months) does it anymore. There's a difference between gagging and choking so try and be bit more relaxed about it if you can.

Aitch Fri 20-Jul-07 12:24:06

lolol at your nickname gertie.

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Fri 20-Jul-07 12:34:37

's what all them pesky kids call me round 'ere

tiktok Fri 20-Jul-07 12:50:24

Aw, what a fab pic, Aitch

Aitch Fri 20-Jul-07 13:22:35

did you look at the next one, tiktok, where she put the glass down and grinned from ear to ear? it's hysterical.

Piffle Fri 20-Jul-07 13:59:08

dd learned from the lid of an avent bottle, never took the bottle of course but the lids were perfect for drinks of water
She never needed a sippy cup either

cazee Fri 20-Jul-07 18:49:56

She had tinned peaches last night, and man you should have seen her eating them! So slippy, so she had to be quite inventive!

Ruddynorah, she was just there for lunchtime as I popped in to a leaving do at the school where I teach. She had just had her milk, and I did send her water cup, but I know what you mean, does sound quite dry.

tiktok Sun 22-Jul-07 10:54:36

Aitch, I did see that next one, and many of the others in that section too - so cute and a really good demo of babies' sense of achievement

Aitch Sun 22-Jul-07 14:17:19

well yes, i can't help but think that it's not a coincidence that these children all look so blooming pleased with themselves. so they should be, six months old and performing to the tips of their developmental capabilities!

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