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Bottle to cup; proud mummy boast!!

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mollysmummy77 Sun 15-Jul-07 02:15:34

I just wanted to share a proud mummy boast. After trying (and failing) for the last few weeks to wean my 20 month dd off her milk bottle, she's finally taking it from a cup!!
She's been drinking water from a cup for months, but was refusing her milk in one. After a big long conversation in ASDA (other supermarkets are available) about how she was now mummy's big girl and not mummys baby anymore (and some bribery with a new special big girl cup and teddy bear), we've cracked it!!
Three cheers for Molly!!!!

Thank you, that is all!!

incanada Sun 15-Jul-07 04:14:37

congratulations and well done!

meemar Sun 15-Jul-07 07:29:58

I gave up trying to get DS2(21 months) to drink milk from a cup - like your DD he would drink water and juice from one, but if I gave him milk he would look at me as if to say 'are you mad?' (before flinging it on the floor).

Then last week we were at a friends and he hurt himself and started asking for 'BUG' (milk). I hadn't brought a bottle and she only had a toddler cup, so I gave it a try and he drank it .

Haven't looked back since

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