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introducing meat

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lilysmum2007 Fri 13-Jul-07 19:56:33

hi started to wean 4 weeks ago, ds has taken to it really well she is now almost six months old and was wondering when to introduce meat im veggie and also a horrendous cook so a bit worried

nickytwotimesAKAmrspontypine Fri 13-Jul-07 20:07:40

lily, i am also veggie, bu twanted to give ds the variety and hope he sees things my way when he is a big boy! very small amounts of chicken, mince, etc can be groud up and mixed with his tatties/veg to let him get used to them. most of his protein is still from milk at this stage, btw. chicken actually purees really well - sorry, i can't tell you how it's cooked as i leave that to dh, as i am scared of poisoning ds what with being unused to preparing meat. try anabella carmel for recipes and guidelines too. hth!

lilysmum2007 Fri 13-Jul-07 20:20:56

thanks nicky ive never cooked meat before so will def try anabelle carmel poisoning dp is one thing but not my child!!

WikiesWizardWheezes Fri 13-Jul-07 20:23:44

Annabel Karmel is fantastic. My 6 month DS has just started on One Pot Chicken and Braised Beef from her book 'Baby and Toddler Meal Planner' (or something similar).

Just remember to reheat the food really hot and allow to cool before you give to LO to kill any bacteria from meat (I freeze mine, defrost and heat in microwave).


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