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Is cream cheese safe to give to a 6.5 month old?

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bebespain Tue 10-Jul-07 13:49:41

I have just started weaning and am struggling to get my LO to eat anything much as he prefers blowing raspberries when I feed him.
However the past two days I´ve found that by adding a tiny bit of full fat Philly to his veg he has eaten it. I feel really happy and so does he but I´m not sure its OK. Am worried about the salt content etc.

Any one have any words of wisdom...?

Tapster Tue 10-Jul-07 15:59:11

I checked out the salt content at the supermarket and found that Waitrose own label had the lowest salt. My DD has loved cream cheese (one of the few things she will eat) since 8 months old. I would continue but maybe look for a lower salt brand next time.

whomovedmychocolate Tue 10-Jul-07 15:59:35

I hope so because dd has it every day (she's nearly 9 months). I think it has .2 grams per tablespoon so small quantities are okay. Cheddar and bread are v salty in comparison though.

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