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Is a recipe containing creamed coconut OK for a 7 month old?

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uberalice Sun 08-Jul-07 16:38:06

I'm just making a cauliflower dahl and I'm wondering if the coconut is OK for my DS who's 7 months old and BLW.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 08-Jul-07 16:38:41

Yes, I think so. Coconut is a seed, not a nut, anyway.

MrsBadger Sun 08-Jul-07 16:39:08


NotQuiteCockney Sun 08-Jul-07 16:40:12

<<does special 'got here first' dance>>

Oh, MrsB, they're trying to make you join the BGAS, you might not want to? It's on the Lowri Turner thread.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 08-Jul-07 16:40:29

Actually, I'm sure you'll want to join, but it's only fair you should know you're being inducted into a new group.

MrsBadger Sun 08-Jul-07 16:41:45

off to consult Lowri thread

NotQuiteCockney Sun 08-Jul-07 16:45:23

<<tries to work out what a perpelxed MrsB would look like>>

<<tries to work out how to say perpelxed>>

MrsBadger Sun 08-Jul-07 16:53:38

I think it's an amalgamation of being perplexed and being Perspex

confused and transparently so

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