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Well the big BLW day arrived!

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oldnewmummy Sun 08-Jul-07 15:54:32

(Recap: Two previous threads (1) with ridiculously ambitious first week's menu (Do I think I'm Nigella?) (2) adopted baby so concerned about food allergies)

Saturday was big day: We went for a curry at lunchtime, and he was DESPERATE to grab some. But no, son, you have to wait for your carrots!

So we sat him down, fed him the lovingly prepared steamed organic carrot "chips". Each one was picked up and scrutinised ..... and dropped on the floor. Rinsed them off (!) (with organic water ) and had another go. Managed to eat a small dribble before chucking them all on the floor again.

(What's the point of expensive organic veg if they just chuck it on the floor?)

Sunday: Gave carrots and broccoli (organic, natch) and ate a bit. Daddy and I had carrot crudites and dips (ordinary bloody carrots for us) and we all had a fun time!

So tomorrow may add banana.

Or maybe just take him for a curry ......

MrsBadger Sun 08-Jul-07 16:06:50

go for curry
offer him rice
(or presteamed carrot from tupperware)

means you get curry again

Aitch Sun 08-Jul-07 21:38:14

or sook the curry sauce off the chicken or lamb or whatever you're having and see what happens next...
dd loves chapatis. bit salty, so you do have to watch, but delicious.

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