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When do i start?

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wheezie Wed 04-Jul-07 15:01:53

MY baby is 20 weeks old, is that considered 5 months. Part of me really doesnt want to start weaning (seems a hassle)but at the same time i am finding he has more milk now and is up a lot more at night. i know all the experts say wean at 6 months now but does it really matter if i start with some baby rice now. my health visitor would rather he had a bottle of formula than food. he has never had a bottle being exclusively breast fed and i really cannot be bothered to go down that road of buying bottles and sterilising. i just feel so frustrated abt it all. What time do you give them food? How much? when do they have 3 meals a day?

ruddynorah Wed 04-Jul-07 16:58:30

it isn't a hassle if you wait until they're 6 months old, they can usually feed themselves at that age so you don't need to buy anything like weaning spoons, bowls, or anything at all, you just hand over fruit, veg, then other foods. have a look at the threads about BLW or google it. the idea is that a baby is ready for solids when they can do it themselves.

devonsmummy Wed 04-Jul-07 17:06:27

I started weaning my DS at 16 weeks - he too is exclusively BF and was waking in the night and wanting a feed every 2 hours.

I gave him some baby rice for a couple of days then tried him on mashed banana and fromage frais. Doesn't seem to have done him any harm.

He's now coming up 8mths wakes once in night still for BF, has 3 meals a day (for last 2 mths) and 3-4 BF in day.

lulumama Wed 04-Jul-07 17:09:34

weaning at 16 weeks is quite early...and 16 weeks usually signals a growth spurt

there are more calories in a breastfeed than a couple of teaspoons of baby rice or yoghurt

wheezie...stick to breastfeeding, as much as baby wants to feed, the closer to 26 weeks you get, so much the better, milk, milk and more milk is all a 5 month old baby actually needs is a good option IMO

no puree, no bottles, no faffing

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