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BLWeaners!!!!! I'm out of ideas HELP!

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livysmum Tue 03-Jul-07 16:47:13

poor DD is getting not enough varity I think.
Her silly mum can't think of different things to give her.
come one, come all with lunch ideas and dinner meals.
She's 10 month and a really good eater, just for sojme reason when I make the shopping list up I sit and wonder for ages what to get for her meals.
so far we aways have
Breakfast -Cereal for breaky (cheerios or sheredies)
LUNCH -scrambled egg/eggy bread/cheese taosty/omlet with ham & green peppers and a fruit pot or slices or a yogurt
Dinner - cheesy pasta/ veg / chicken pieces/
not much choice huh. I dont know why I cant think of anything else to feed her. And the meals just look so boring.

claireybee Tue 03-Jul-07 16:57:26

I also seem to have got stuck in a rut! poor dd seems to eat cheerios mini shredded wheat or shreddies for breakfast everyday, then something bread based for lunch plus some fruit, then pasta and peas or something similar for dinner! I used to be much better and she would have for dinner what we had the night before but since we moved into rented accomodation i've been too scared to give her messier foods like spag bol or cottage pie in case she decorates the whole room with it! Plus she went through a fussy stage where she wouldn't eat any meat or many veggies so i stuck with what i knew she would eat and now I'm in a rut!
Sorry am no use to you at all but i would also love some more ideas

fingerwoman Tue 03-Jul-07 16:58:07

just give her whatever you have.
pasta with homemade tomato sauce, or pesto, or cheese sauce
any veg
meat in small pieces so she can chew it
sandwiches with anything
slices of tomato/cucumber/avocado

Aitch Tue 03-Jul-07 16:58:07

what do you eat? can't you just give her some of that? honestly, don't worry about it, by 10 months she can just have whatever you're having, salt and allergies permitting.

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Tue 03-Jul-07 16:58:36

Pitta pockets are good - I use tuna, mayo, toms, cheese (cream and grated), avocado, chicken, bacon, ham, spring onion, hummus, grated carrot etc. in these. Lots of pasta as well - particularly pasta with mayo, sweetcorn, spring onion and tuna. Also pasta pockets (tortellini) with home made tom sauce (mayo, toms, Worcester sauce blasted up). Fish fingers with sweet potato chips and veg. Pasta with cooked chicken and asparagus. Cooked chicken with anything in fact. Kedgeree goes down well. Home made fish pie is good. As for desserts he loves Little Stars Jellies but eats a lot of fruit like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, orange, banana, plums, cherries, melon etc. If I think of anything else I'll let you know. Oh also - what about sausage and mash?

Aitch Tue 03-Jul-07 16:59:47

i find stir fries are easy and add variety, by the way. or risottos. loads of things, actually... have you had a look at the the recipes on here?

livysmum Tue 03-Jul-07 17:00:25

some one help us!
although I'm on this site and there is lots of ideas if you wanna faf on in the kitchen with herbs and stuff. Quick and painless is what I'm looking for.

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Tue 03-Jul-07 17:03:13

My stuff is quick and painless. Really she could eat what you're eating. If we eat at the same time as DS he has the same as us.

witchandchips Tue 03-Jul-07 17:03:19

dips (humous and tara etc)
melon + cheese salad
tuscan bread and tomato salad [just make tom salad and stir in some lightly toasted bread]
pate and toast
smoked salmon
cheesy biscuits

fingerwoman Tue 03-Jul-07 17:06:21

if you want quick and painless why not just nip to the local drive-thru?

I assume you make fresh food for yourself? in which case just give some to your child(ren) too.

claireybee Tue 03-Jul-07 17:07:30

I think I just need to get a bigger splash mat cos she has a much wider range than the one i have! That or put her out in the garden! Why do landlords insist on putting cream carpet and magnolia paint throughout?! Another reason I've got lazy is that i am pregnant again and so didn't want to face cooking for a while-think once i get back into the swing of cooking proper meals for me and dh I'll be fine-it's just been finding a range of ideas for her that only take a few minutes when i havent felt up to cooking that has been challenging

Aitch Tue 03-Jul-07 17:11:37

lolol. that website is rubbish... all those herbs.

seriously, what do you eat yourself? do you eat a rich variety of ingredients?

fingerwoman Tue 03-Jul-07 17:13:37

claireybee, you could always batch cook some stuff and freeze it.
I used to make homemade veggie burgers anbd chickpea burgers and freeze them
I am sure you could do fishfingers and chicken pieces and stuff then just whip out and chuck it in the oven for her.
few veg (frozen peas are a godsend!)
If you made a thickish stew-y type thing you could also bag that and then just heat a portion at a time

Aitch Tue 03-Jul-07 17:14:29

ooooh, witchy, bread and tom salad... i'd forgotten about that. used to do a greeky version with pittas. thanks for the reminder.

Aitch Tue 03-Jul-07 17:15:34

i freeze the leftover lentil sauce for the veggie moussaka on the blw site in little bags and heat it in the microwave for having with pasta shells.

ruddynorah Tue 03-Jul-07 17:18:58

today dd has had for breakfast malted wheats and a peach. for lunch she had a tuna cheese panini (we were out) and some flapjack. for tea she has just had a veggie sausage (cheese and leek) with potatoes and carrots. she's just polished off a rice pudding to finish off. she's also had a few snacky bits including grapes, blueberries and a humzinger. she's 13 months now but had just about the same stuff at 10 months (although she can now spoon feed herself so that opens up more options).

i think the thing you have to get into, like the others are saying, she should be having pretty much what you're having. if you're eating crap then at some point you'll have to turn it around, either now or down the line. will you be making her her own special meals when she's 8? far easier to get into good habits now.

if you want some very easy peasy ideas try jenny maizels book 'finger food for babies and toddlers'...although there are a few herbs in there...

claireybee Tue 03-Jul-07 17:35:27

fingerwoman, I'll definitely be freezing stuff for us all before the baby arrives-I've learnt my lesson! I've done slightly better tonight (well last night really but she is having it tonight) as she is having steak, mushrooms, peas and, er, chips(i did make the chips myself though!). She is tucking in nicely so seems happy enough. Last night I was lazy so she had cheese, cucumber, ham and pear all chopped up together- I called it a salad lol!

Aitch Tue 03-Jul-07 21:18:07

caireybee both sound delicious to me, tbh. especially the home-made chips... <drools>

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Tue 03-Jul-07 22:17:17

Aitch - ignore the herb tips. Your website is WONDERFUL. Has helped me enormously.

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Tue 03-Jul-07 22:17:30

Sorry herb gripes.

Aitch Tue 03-Jul-07 22:18:42

cheers, thanks. now send me your recipes. no herbs.

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Wed 04-Jul-07 10:09:37

Tried to join last night but had problems as I logged my e-mail address as work one, which won't let me onto your site. I need to do it again with home e-mail but not sure what that is!

Aitch Wed 04-Jul-07 11:16:13

i would contend that is probably still available...

AlbusPercivalWulfricBrianSun Wed 04-Jul-07 11:48:33

Yes but this is my HP related disguise. Am normally Sunshinemummy so will have to see if I can use that.

claireybee Wed 04-Jul-07 14:31:18

Well they were quite yummy! Thanks for the tip about cutting meat up really small btw, I cut it into really teeny tiny pieces for her and she ate a lot more than she normally would have (actually she probably just swallowed it whole knowing her-Gillian McKeith would have a fit!)

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