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Advice re: BLW

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mum2seb Mon 02-Jul-07 14:39:42

My ds is 6 months, and I'd been told by the HV (I know, I shouldn't listen!) that I should wean him when I saw her 2 weeks ago. DS2 is about 18 - 19 pounds now, and bf frequently both day and night. I'm knackered, basically, and weaning him seemed to work for about a week and a half! But for the last few days, he won't let mush go anywhere near him - and I can't say as I blame him, really. He does have a cold, so that's probably a large factor, but I'm beginning to wonder if I should just jack the mush in, and just keep sticking some of our food on his tray, and see what he does. I do cook from scratch every day, use no salt but variety isn't one of my strong points! The thing is, ds1 is disabled, and takes up a lot of my time - is BLW going to add to that more? I'm fed up, knackered, and I've had enough, basically, so please be nice!

Also, what can I give a BLW baby for breakfast? Surely he can't have fruit all the time. I hate to think what his nappies would be like!

bizziebee Mon 02-Jul-07 15:17:47

just wanted to bump this for you - there is loads of great BLW advice out there. Aitch is your woman I think. I am just starting with weaning and think BLW does seem easier and more fun!

MatNanPlus Mon 02-Jul-07 15:21:32

i would just put food on his tray, if he is off carrots today he will leave them

breakfast: cheerio's, shreddies in a little milk to soften them?

NoBiggy Mon 02-Jul-07 15:31:11

Can only speak for me, but I found BLW really easy. You just have to be prepared early on for the milk feeds to carry on.

The cold could be the reason why feedings gone off a bit, teething can have a similar effect.

As you're cooking every day you've done the first part of the work. Baby does the next part (the eating!), then I'm afraid you get the clean-up. It's more acceptable to me to have "spare" food that I was preparing anyway left than something I'd made up especially.

Breakfast here got easier since the pincer grip (little cereal thingies work well). Those little shredded wheats softened with milk are very popular, and easier to hold than, say, cheerios. Toast, obviously, rice cakes are good anytime We round off breakfast with a humzinger in this house, which is a dried fruit stick, in case you were thinking we had some strange morning habit.

mum2seb Mon 02-Jul-07 20:19:19

Thanks, everyone, I've decided to go for the BLW way! I think it'll force us to eat a bit more variety. And NoBiggy, it probably is down to his cold, but this evening, I put some carrot and brocolli on his tray, and he massacred the lot (even ate some!). He was still keen to let me feed him fromage frais, though - just like his big brother. He'd have to be pretty ill to miss out on yoghurt! I suppose that isn't very BLW, though?! Oh well. I suppose as he gets older, he could dip fruit or breadsticks into it? Am I very bad feeding it to him? Gawd, another thing to have a guilt trip over!!

NoBiggy Tue 03-Jul-07 00:15:12

If he wants the FF, he's "leading" isn't he? My dd has the odd yogurt (not often as she grabs the spoon then either won't give it back for reloading or lobs it at me). I hold the spoon out to her, she leans forward and eats the yogurt. Or pulls it off the spoon and rubs it in her hair.

As long as he's not passively having it poked in you're following BLW thinking, I'd say.

Good to hear that he's interested in the veggies!

chilledmama Tue 03-Jul-07 00:22:52

My DS loves Cinnamon and Raisen Bagels. Toast lightly, some nice butter (US obviously) and pull apart into big chunks...he loves it and easier than cereal but perhaps not as much fun to watch

Aitch Tue 03-Jul-07 00:26:34

no guilt trips, mumtoseb, just muddle through in a blw-ish type way and you'll be fine. agree with nobiggy that if the baby likes being fed the yoghurt and if you stop when he stops bobbing his head towards the spoon then leave it. also you might find he takes the spoon off you, that's what dd used to do. good luck, don't sweat about a thing until they're 12 months old. until then milk's the main thing anyway so as long as you're not cutting back you'll be grand.

Aitch Tue 03-Jul-07 00:27:24

by 'leave it' i mean 'just keep doiing what yo're doiing.'

mum2seb Tue 03-Jul-07 13:59:42

Thanks Aitch. I've been reading your blog, btw, before I knew you were on here! Very interesting! I think we'll enjoy some of the recipes!

callmeovercautious Tue 03-Jul-07 15:10:19

Hi Mumtoseb

The day DD refused to eat my lovingly prepared meals from a spoon I mixed some pasta in to it and put it on the tray and we haven't looked back! I think it is easier in that it is more relaxing, especially if you are busy. You can just make a bit extra eg last night I made her a seperate cauliflower cheese (took a bit out before I seasoned ours). She just ate almost all of it with her fingers along with some peas and then had some poached apple pieces. We are both messy but I got to sit back and eat my Lunch at the same time and chill out. Now I just need to clean up!

For breakfast she likes toast or crumpets with butter as well as cereal she can pick up.

At least I don't spend hours pureeing and decanting into icecube trays anymore

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