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BLW - Amazing..I am converted!

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cc21 Mon 02-Jul-07 11:35:30

Just wanted to ay how amazing BLW is!

My DD is 10 mth, and I was a regular AK chopper/puree/ice cube addict. Have just got back from hols abroad though and having spent 2 days worrying how I was gonna chop food enogh for DD etc decide to sod it and just put our food on her tray and see what happened. I figured she wasn't going to let herself starve.

DH watch in amazement as did just about everyone else as she ate garlic bread/ sandwiches/whole veggies/cheese omlette/chicken slices/and even whole pear (granted I had chopped it into quaters - is that BLW??. CAme home ice cube trays in bin . Also just to add my DD has only just got 2 teeth so she is still rather gummy.

I would like to publicly apologise to all you BLW's about my doubts, even if they were silent!!!!

ruddynorah Mon 02-Jul-07 11:52:09

lol! very good, glad you gave it a go!

it's fine to chop a pear or chop anything at all for blw, the main thing is to just present food in a way that they can handle it themselves. she'd probably do fine with a whole pear though you know..try not to be squeamish when she eats the pips and core as well though! with dd i find she enjoys her fruit more if it's whole, she likes the challenge of it rather than having things neatly presented. her favourite is a peach. she eats the whole thing as it is then puts the stone on her tray when she's done.

Aitch Mon 02-Jul-07 11:56:18

lolol, it's a good laugh, isn't it? hope you had a great holiday.

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