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Am I doing the BLW thing???

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Stargazing Thu 28-Jun-07 18:44:37

started dd on purees at 4 months - 2 months of fruit and veg before I started with the meat, lentils, rice, pasta etc. Now she eats what we eat. Not pureed, just chopped up. But she's taken to sticking her hands in the bowl and picking up what she wants to eat, although still allowing me to feed her too. She has plenty of finger foods throughout the day - toast, sandwiches, fruit, veg sticks etc. My question is - is the fact that she is putting her hands in the bowl to feed herself part of BLW? I was trying to discourage her at first, thinking that she'd be earning terrible table manners that she'd have to unlearn later, but now I'm thinking that it's okay and I shoudl just let her go for it? Example - she just had quinoa, sweet potato, spinach, tofu and cherry tomatoes for dinner. She let me spoon feed her the quinoa and swet potato (mushy) but picked everything else up and fed herself by hand.

Stargazing Thu 28-Jun-07 18:50:46

I should add, dd is 11mo

Loopymumsy Thu 28-Jun-07 19:01:33

Message withdrawn

Aitch Thu 28-Jun-07 23:22:22

loopy, blw isn't really so rigid as to say 'no spoonfeeding' tbh. it's just that someone starting blw from the beginning probably wouldn't feed runny foods cos there's not much poiint if you can just hand over a bit of steamed carrot. plenty of people do spoonfeed a bit of yoghurt though.
anyway... i say go for it, she's obviously having a great time eating which is all you can ask for, isn't it?

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