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Ok - so how do you cook sweet potato?

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theUrbanDryad Tue 26-Jun-07 12:57:29

just starting BLW, been out to the market today to get all sorts of delicious treats for ds to throw on the floor, but have realised i have NO idea how to cook sweet potato!

HuwEdwards Tue 26-Jun-07 12:58:00

roast it - v.nice
mash it - also v.nice.

MamaG Tue 26-Jun-07 12:58:08

roast it with a bit of olive oil

purpleturtle Tue 26-Jun-07 12:58:35

Peel it and boil it. Like any old potato.

bohemianbint Tue 26-Jun-07 12:59:06

I like it baked like a normal spud with philadelphia and loads of pepper.

Blu Tue 26-Jun-07 12:59:14

For BLW, cut into wedges and roast with a little olive oil.
But it will get very squidgy and squashy.

moulimoo Tue 26-Jun-07 12:59:33

lovely roasted just in its skin too, prick and treat as a normal potato. except it does drip some juice so put a tray underneath. enjoy

Aitch Tue 26-Jun-07 13:08:30

because of the annoying drippage I now tend to cut them into wedges and roast them on the foil-lined grill tray. Toss them in olive oil first, and smoked paprika makes a nice substitute for salt.

Roast them at 180-ish if it's a fan oven, 200-ish if not, for about 35 minutes. You'll maybe have to rinse them to cool if you are in a hurry to give to the baby.

theUrbanDryad Tue 26-Jun-07 18:21:19

thanks everyone! he had a go a load of broccoli and some green beans and some apple and he had a very peculiar look on his face all through it. he also enjoyed rubbing the broccoli into the sofa. <<sigh>>

we will have sweet potato tomorrow!

StarryStarryNight Tue 26-Jun-07 18:27:33

Try this:

Peel and chop sweet potato into small chunks. Drizzle over olive oil, and a pinch of rosemary. Pan fry for 15 minutes.
Add stips of chicken breast. Panfry for another 15 minutes. squeeze the juice of half a lemon, pour over, add 1 tspoon of honey, cook for another minute or two LOVELY.

Seeing as you already have the sweet potato, might as well have a really yummy supper. You can add some chunks of butternut squash too.

UCM Tue 26-Jun-07 18:30:45

same as normal except it goes softer quicker than normal spuds.

PrettyCandles Tue 26-Jun-07 18:34:11

Don't bother washing, peeling etc, just stick it in the oven - either wrapped in foil or on a tray because it drips - and bake until soft, about 45m. Thwen slit the skin with a knife, peel back, and scoop out the soft flesh. No need to mash, either. If you want to freeze then you can scoop it into ice-cube trays, or leave to cool before cutting open, then peel of all the skin and it will slice neatly into portions which you can open freeze. Once frozebn trabsfer into bag or tpperware.

BTW, treat butternut squash in exactly the same way.

theUrbanDryad Wed 27-Jun-07 12:02:29

can they pick that up and eat that way though PC? not really wanting to introduce a dread spoon yet!

ds did an awfully stinky broccoli poo this morning. is this the end of the inoffensive bf poo? my wee man is growing up too fast!

Aitch Wed 27-Jun-07 18:39:00

oh yes, slices should be fine. and you are now well into the arena of the malignant poo. think yourself lucky you got this far.

PrettyCandles Thu 28-Jun-07 16:33:48

No, it'll be very mushy. You could bake it a little less time, I'm sure it would be cooked OK, and then it might be less mushy. IME peeling and steaming sweet potato gives it a slightly rubbery texture so the lumps would be easier for ds to handle, but OTOH it's more hassle to prepare!

theUrbanDryad Fri 29-Jun-07 20:54:39

pics of weaning experience on my profile. (if anyone's bothered)

still not sure i'm doing it right!

FlamingTomatoes Fri 29-Jun-07 20:59:57

You should have baked the bowl instead LOL

Aitch Fri 29-Jun-07 23:07:04

are you asking the question seriously? cos if you are... we didn't use a bowl for ages, it was too much of a distraction and things went everywhere.
also, that amount of food would have completely overhwelmed my dd at the time, she'd have wanted to chuck most of it just to clear the table. so we used to put just one or two things out for her and give her more when it got eaten/mushed into hair/fell off the highchair.

but obv if it was only ajoke and it's going fine then you're doing really well already.

and ahem, if you wanted to send those to aitch at babyledweaning dot com i'll put them up for you. not tonight, though, as they've locked me out for exceeding my bandwidth. <slaps own wrist>

notasheep Fri 29-Jun-07 23:16:47

Steam it

theUrbanDryad Sun 01-Jul-07 16:28:15

ok Aitch, will send to you soon! (as soon as i get my lazy arse into gear!)

clairejo Sun 01-Jul-07 16:28:52

meant to say then we are ordering one.

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