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Help with what to do next with one year old...

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TearingMyHairOut Sun 24-Jun-07 16:21:11

Somehow I seem to have muddled throught the last tweleve months and successfully weaned my ds1 onto food and then more lumpy food etc.
I've suddenly found at twelve months, I have no clue as to what happens next???
He currently has formula about 8oz am, and formula about 4/5oz pm. He then eats milk on breakie, has normal lunch and then finger food for tea.
How do I progress with milk - e.g, type of milk, timings of feeds and amount of milk. and what impact will this have on other food...will it need to increase etc? When are you likely to be at a stage when they just eat like you and me.
Sorry if I sound ignorant, but advice seems readily available for early stages and not beyond!

ruddynorah Sun 24-Jun-07 17:54:00

my dd is 13 months. she has milk first thing and last thing in her bedroom. the amount varies depending on how much she eats but usually she has about 14oz a day. sometimes i offer extra milk in the afternoon if she hasn't eaten much at lunch. her milk is full fat organic cows milk. she also has quite a lot of dairy in her diet.

for food we did blw so she's had 'normal' food from day one really, not gone through stages as it were. what sort of finger foods are you offering at the moment? do you eat well yourself? can you give some of what you're having?

lorisparkle Wed 27-Jun-07 20:29:04

From 1 you can worry much less at what to give and not to give so it should get easier! You can also be giving them pretty much the same as you are eating if you are having a fairly healthy diet.

My plan is very similar to ruddynorah's. A BF morning and night, then breakfast (cereal with milk and a piece of fruit), a snack of a rice cake with a drink of water mid morning if he is not napping, whatever I am having for lunch, a snack mid afternoon and then whatever I am having for tea. We are also trying a snack before bed as he still seems hungry in the night.

The things you should avoid, I think, are whole nuts and peanuts in food if there are allegies in the family, too much sugar, salt, and fibre. Make sure it is full fat cows milk and full fat other dairy products. Try and offer fruit and / or veg at every meal. Avoid dried fruit / fruit juices / other sweet things except at meal times as they can cause tooth decay.

I think they should be having a minimum of 1/2 pint of milk a day.

I find the NHS book 'birth to five' which I was given by my HV is very useful (except we did BLW)

Hope that helps!

PavlovtheCat Wed 27-Jun-07 20:40:17

DD has milk 4 x a day at 12 months (on 1st July), but she drinks more than most babies. We are looking at decreasing this to just two over a few weeks, and increasing her food (although she eats well!)

Her food is this at the moment

7:30am - baby milk around 7oz.
8:30am - weetabix/porridge etc, fruit puree/compote. Or scrambled egg, toast, fruit puree/compote. Sometimes a banana too.

11:00am - Organic full fat milk - in a beaker and sleep

12:30pm or so. Lunch. Vegetables cooked, cut into sticks/tomatoes and cucumber. Tuna sandwich (brown bread, tuna on one slice of bread), or other fish, flaked and onto plate, or pasta and a cheese sauce, cut with a pair of scissors if you want it fine. DD has hers just cut into bite size peices and uses fingers.

3pm - organic full fat milk in a beaker, sometimes a nap.

5pm. Dinner. What we have now. Yesterday, cottage pie (this is great as not too chunky, and covers all bases nutritionally), cooked without salt. A little cottage cheese on side. If fish/sauce will do vegetables too, well cooked. Fruit.

6:30pm. Pudding (she likes a break)
!) of yoghurt, cooked fruit, rice pudding and fruit, or something similar.

7pm baby milk, then bed.

She also has a snack from time to time with day time milk, peices of mango, raisins, organic rusk, toast that kind of thing.

I am like you tho, I do not really know what I am doing either, other than that she seems to enjoy her food, and I enjoy mealtimes!

I shall read this thread with interest to see what feedback you get, can learn some things too!

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