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weaning and sleep

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gracie27 Sun 24-Jun-07 12:14:00

Hi everyone,

Im new to this board and after some advice.

My lo is 21 weeks old and i have been weaning her since 18 weeks due to reflux.
To be honest i cant say she loves her solids some days she does, others she is not really interested.

She has always been a great sleeper, from 10 weeks she sleeps from 6.30-7 with a dreamfeed.

My problem is for the last week she has strted to wake through the night!!! she can be awake upto 2 hours before finally dropping off. She has also started to sleep on front now, i put her down on back but she rolls over, she is unable to go from front to back yet.

Im wondering whether to stop solids for now, my trouble with that is she will only go about 2.5hrs between feeds ans everytime i eat she stares at me and watches me!!!

Its all so CONFUSING!!!!!!

Sorry for ramble but hope someone can help

Thanks in advance


whomovedmychocolate Sun 24-Jun-07 13:19:02

Sounds like teething more than anything to me. Has she been drooling, biting things a lot?

Or it could be a growth spurt, just give her more milk during the day. The reflux is probably a red herring at this point.

You are v lucky she sleeps at all. My DD is 8 months and has yet to sleep more than six straight hours!

whomovedmychocolate Sun 24-Jun-07 13:20:16

BTW she's watching you eat because she's trying to learn how to do it herself. I don't know what you are feeding her - but have you considered baby led weaning - where you give her the same food as you have and she just picks it up and feeds herself. She may actively enjoy getting involved (tis very messy though - click on my name to see my pics of my DD eating her dinner)

gracie27 Sun 24-Jun-07 13:23:25

yes, she has been drooling and biting everything in site!!!

I thought she would be up crying with teeth, as you can guess im a first time mum!!

can she be teething yet be so good still?

sorry i sound so stupid

gracie27 Sun 24-Jun-07 13:28:00

your lo looks sooooooooooo cute!!!!!

i have read about blw but not sure if she is too young now? i did give her some banana the other day which she sucked then ate a little, i was more worried about her chocking.

at the mo i make my own puree, she has baby porridge for bfast, tiny amount and today she has baby rice with puree pear, which she loved.

how old is your lo and when did you start blw?

whomovedmychocolate Sun 24-Jun-07 13:39:29

Hi Nicky

They don't always cry with teething - DD didn't cry at all, she was just grumpy and awake most of the time.

You are supposed to wait till they can sit up properly for Baby Led Weaning. You need Aitch's site

whomovedmychocolate Sun 24-Jun-07 13:40:03

We started weaning at six months, although she tried apple puree for a week or so before then.

whomovedmychocolate Sun 24-Jun-07 13:41:06

Got to stop pressing post prematurely

Get some teething gel or give your DD some Calpol at bedtime and see if it helps. Also you might want to check for teeth (you will need to clean them when they come through!)

gracie27 Sun 24-Jun-07 13:44:36

Will do, thanks.

Just had a look at blw, do you think i can stop the puree now and start os should i hold off till 6 months?

whomovedmychocolate Sun 24-Jun-07 14:41:18

Can she sit up on her own and keep her head up?

If so give it a g

whomovedmychocolate Sun 24-Jun-07 14:41:55

a go (dd crawling over laptop!)

PavlovtheCat Sun 24-Jun-07 14:44:58

DD was always great in the day when she was teething but quite hard to settle at night and woke lots. I think its because she had things to distract her in the day, and/or pain was worse at night.
If you have any way of getting hold of Baby Oragel (only avail in states), try it, as it worked a treat for my DD, when bonjella or Anbesol did not do a thing.

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