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Bottled, sterilised water?

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squishy Sat 23-Jun-07 19:13:40

When I was in hospital, I remember seeing rucks of small bottles with pre-sterilised water in that they used to mix formula with - does anyone know where I can get these? I'm going travelling with my baby and while i can use pre-made cartons while we're on the road, I'd quite like some pre-sterilised, cooled water to give her to drink at meal times (we'll be on the road for 3 days at a time).....TIA

Seona1973 Sat 23-Jun-07 19:21:22

I've never seen them before, sorry. You could use bottled mineral water and depending on what age your lo is you may have to boil it first before use i.e. if over 6 months I wouldnt worry so much about boiling before use.

bizziebee Sat 23-Jun-07 19:46:14

I think SMA make them - i saw them in hospital as well.

squishy Sat 23-Jun-07 20:30:09

OK, thanks, will keep my eyes open and also look for some bottled water with low sodium (she'll be 8 months by the time we travel)

Gemmitygem Sun 24-Jun-07 17:58:59

there's a list somewhere on internet of which mineral water is ok. I know for sure that evian and vittel are both on the list, and that's what we give our DS. a word of warning, it's not just about the sodium content, other minerals can be dangerous too...

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