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"Pureed food 'isn't natural' for babies"

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theUrbanDryad Sun 17-Jun-07 10:09:43

<<runs away, giggling like naughty child>>

JackieNo Sun 17-Jun-07 10:10:34


theUrbanDryad Sun 17-Jun-07 10:10:37

and here's the proof


JackieNo Sun 17-Jun-07 10:15:27

Am I misremembering, or in some cultures don't the mums actually pre-chew food for their DCs when they're starting solids?

theUrbanDryad Sun 17-Jun-07 10:20:32

are you sure you're not thinking of owls regurgitating mouse bits into their babies' beaks??

edam Sun 17-Jun-07 10:21:00

Oh Lord, isn't this just the other camp repeating the same nonsense from a different direction about what you feed babies at four to six months making them picky eaters or delaying chewing skills? How many adults do you know who can't chew food, except those with major medical problems?

FWIW (I know this is anecdotal) ds had purees and he is remarkably un-picky compared to his peers. I get caught out on playdates because other children turn their noses up at what ds eats!

JackieNo Sun 17-Jun-07 10:22:23

Maybe, theUrbanDryad. Wonder where I've read it...

theUrbanDryad Sun 17-Jun-07 10:24:14

fight, fight, fight....

(boring sunday morning here...)

kittylette Sun 17-Jun-07 10:25:50

<<says in a thick american accent>> 'whateverrrr'


theUrbanDryad Sun 17-Jun-07 10:26:38

oh kitty, you're such a spoilsport....

theUrbanDryad Sun 17-Jun-07 10:27:40

FWIW - i couldn't give a flying...damn about what other people feed their babies, we're doing blw cause i'm too lazy to make purees!!

JackieNo Sun 17-Jun-07 10:29:54

Ooh look at the 'preindustrial first foods' section - glad I wasn't making it up.

DominiConnor Sun 17-Jun-07 10:37:37

I think it's sad that so many people fall for the "natural is always good" fallacy.

We evolved away from "natural" behaviour so long ago that you can see it in the structure of our bodies.

When we were scavangers, we ate what we could find. Thus the only food may well have been roots or tough meat that's hard for a yound humanoid to eat. Parental chewing would have been necessary for survival.

In any case the UNICEF issue is with kids in shit countries. In that environment, you must work hard to stop the baby being exposed to tainted food. Purees go off very quickly and are expensive.
Bottled foods that I see in shops are pretty awful. Because they pander to the high expectations, but low educational standards of many mothers they contain serious amounts of junk, just with misleading lables for those who sat giggling with their friends at the back of science classes.
We see "sea salt" and "organic sugar", and know for a fact that this fools dimwitted consumers else the makers would go out of business.
I'm always entertained that these products are "GM free", but contain enough conventional poisons to be used in chemical warfare.
We made our own purees for the kids.

edam Sun 17-Jun-07 10:45:31

I thought you were right, jackie! But couldn't remember any sources so didn't post. Gosh, all those references to 'pap' in literature and history, how can I have forgotten?

DC, it's a fallacy that UNICEF recommendations are only for the developing world, they ain't.

theUrbanDryad Sun 17-Jun-07 11:26:30

not sure i want to feed my baby "gruel"

i don't think anyone can deny that the infant food market is a multi-billion pound affair, and that jars of food are not the best idea in the world.

i was looking at "reduced sugar" rusks the other day, and amusingly, sugar is still the 3rd ingredient in the list. dextrose is the 4th.

akaJamiesMum Sun 17-Jun-07 11:53:17

Hmm! DS had both normal family food and jars at times. Agree that the baby food industry (like any other industry) tries to tell us we need things when we don't sometimes though. However, am too busy being a Mum to worry too much about it all.

DS weaned easily and eats a good diet now so I think that's all that matters.

puffling Sun 17-Jun-07 12:03:11

excellent post dominiconnor

MuminBrum Sun 17-Jun-07 12:17:22

Oh FGS, even if the woman is "deputy director of Unicef's Baby Friendly Initiative", she was also a health visitor for 25 years, and we all know that 95% of what all HVs say is utter crap.

minorityrules Sun 17-Jun-07 16:42:25

Everyone I know my age were fed purees. Can't see it being harmful

I do think later weaning means you don't 'have' to feed purees as a 6 month old is able to go straight to finger foods but don't think it's aproblem to go either way, whatever suits the family

Bit confused about that piece, it says WHO changed its guidelines because of Rapleys research? I thought WHO changed before her research came out

ratfly Sun 17-Jun-07 19:39:17

lol muminbrum!
Anyway, feeding purees is FUN!! I am loving weaning!

kiskidee Sun 17-Jun-07 19:59:16

making then feeding purees is the most mindnumbing task women created for themselves.

Kewcumber Sun 17-Jun-07 20:00:54

Jackie I came on to say exactly yhte same thing - but you got there before me. Isn;t that how it is beleived we weaned all babies at one time - mother chewed food first aka puree?

kiskidee Sun 17-Jun-07 20:01:17

my mum took a piece of potato out of the family stew mashed it a bit with a fork to break it up and covered it with some of the stew.

such a no brainer over making purees.

Aloha Sun 17-Jun-07 20:01:46

What do you mean by 'natural', exactly?

Aloha Sun 17-Jun-07 20:03:06

Oh god, I haven't accidentally wandered onto a blw thread have I? Dullsville.

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