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Can I give my 8m Ds egg?

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purpleflower Tue 05-Jun-07 11:17:23

Title says it all really.


ScoobyC Tue 05-Jun-07 11:18:38

Yes, make sure it's fully cooked re salmonella.

munz Tue 05-Jun-07 11:20:15

I gave my DS scrambled eggs around this age I think it was, as scooby says make sure it's v well cooked, and in the event of a boiled egg make sure it's hard

purpleflower Tue 05-Jun-07 11:20:27


I don't have to walk 2 tescos.

Thank you

PutThatInYourPipeandSmokeIt Tue 05-Jun-07 18:54:10

What's the earliest you can give them scrambled egg?

munz Wed 06-Jun-07 08:12:36

not before 6 months iirc. (I think we were nearer the 8 month mark)

Jbck Sun 13-Jul-08 12:38:34

Revived an old thread I found. HV mentioned no egg before a year but I thought I gave DD1 egg from about 6 months (was 4 month weaning guidlines then).

Was thinking of French Toast for lunch (eggy bread for you southerners smile)

It should be fine shouldn't it, DD2 8 months last Friday & no allergies so far?

ManchesterMummy Sun 13-Jul-08 20:31:05

Oh yes yes yes to egg!!!! DD (9mo) LOVES the stuff - well cooked, obviously, and a saviour when we get home from work and want to give her something quick, healthy and tasty. Scrambled or hard-boiled. The little gannet sits there with her mouth open as soon as the bowl comes. She likes to feed it to herself too.

Go for it!

Caz10 Sun 13-Jul-08 21:13:11

I gave dd 7mths eggy bread the other day she really liked it (it was like rubber imo as I'd cooked it for so long!)

i would only hesitate if you have a family history of allergies i think

saying that,we gave it mid morning then watched her like a hawk for reactions, car keys in hand ready to drive to A&E! thankfully no need

chloemegjess Sun 13-Jul-08 21:32:56

How do you make eggy bread? Sorry if that is a really silly question but I have never had/seen it before. Is it ok for a 6.5month old? I am trying to give lots of finger foods and toast and bread seem the only successfull things that wont just go in the floor in 2 mins!!

Caz10 Sun 13-Jul-08 21:35:58

same here, that is why i tried it! NO idea if this is how you're meant to do it as I had never made it before either, but...

whisked up 2 eggs and a little milk (cows, full fat) in a bowl then poured it into a shallow dish

put a slice of bread in, let it soak up the eggy stuff on one side for a couple of mins then flip it over to do the other side

heat up some olive oil in frying pan, whop in the bread and cook on both sides until egg seems "done" (mine would have bounced!)

2 eggs was enough to coat 3 slices of bread, so dh and i tucked in too!

chloemegjess Sun 13-Jul-08 23:15:33

Great, thanks caz. Will make next time we have eggs in!

foxymolly Sun 13-Jul-08 23:25:00

DD, 8 months, also loves egg, esp. scrambled egg. I gave her eggy bread for the first time last week and she loved it. I made it the same way as caz expect I used a bit of butter instead of oil.
Eggs can be a life saviour at times

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