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9mo biting unless he's rocked to sleep before feed.

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BounceAndJump Wed 08-Aug-18 11:15:54

Until yesterday he's fed fine, bitten twice in the last week but never before that.
Since getting up yesterday he's bitten every time I try to feed him.
He usually feeds to sleep, but have had to rock him to sleep and then once he's asleep he won't go down without waking until I feed him (and is drinking normal amount half asleep).

He's eating well like normal and fine drinking water.
He's pulled at my top with his mouth open like he does when he wants to feed quite a few times, but then as soon as I let him on he bites, then cries and tries to get back on when I take him off!

My first 2 DC never bit more than once or twice, please say someone else had a short phase like this that didn't carry on!!

KTCluck Sat 11-Aug-18 20:00:00

Could he be teething? DD went through phases like this when she was teething. It usually lasted a couple of days but it was pretty constant at the time and drove me mad! Taking her off just lead to crying as she really did want milk, but it was like she couldn't help herself. No advice other than hang in there and hopefully it’s just a short phase!

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