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8 month old... what food are yours eating...

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bea Wed 30-May-07 08:39:53

am on dc no 3 now and have completeley forgotten what are we eating at this age?... mush? lumpy mush? finger food? milk? eggs?...

quick poll please....

whomovedmychocolate Wed 30-May-07 08:41:58

My DD is seven and a half months and she eats everything but particularly likes pasta and veggies (whole). Suggest you have a look at some of the BLW threads for ideas.

bea Wed 30-May-07 09:27:37

thanks... gawd after 3 children you think you know it all don't you???? been blw with bits of bread and toast and odd bits of fruit already and hadn't thought about taking it one step further... i think family food will make an appearance now... think dd will take to it like a duck to water... goodbye annabel karmel!!!!

hana Wed 30-May-07 09:31:57

dd3 has mostly what we have now ( and makes quite a mess!) She's had chicken, fish, pork most fruits and veggies. Haven't given any egg yet or red meat ( we don't eat red meat so prob will never have it) She's 8.5 months

whomovedmychocolate Wed 30-May-07 15:35:27

Bea - yeah she never tasted as good as spag bol anyway!

bea Thu 31-May-07 16:24:13

... well starting to give her more finger food.... though yesterday was really funny as we were BLW at the Yo Sushi bar... how very swish and trendy we are!!!! she liked the rice a lot (must be her chinese genes!!!)

Gemmitygem Sun 03-Jun-07 14:32:41


my DS is 8 months, started on pureed veg etc, now having mashed stuff, things like carrot and potato with a blob of yoghurt, slightly mashed pasta with cheese and tomato, bit of bread to hold etc. Actually I'm a bit confused as he has 2 teeth and not sure what he can cope with (had trouble with cottage cheese!). banana always works well, and ashamed to say he has baby rice with my milk or cows milk still in the evenings.. oatmeal porridge in the morning with a bit of mashed fruit, has tuna and mashed potato, that's it really!

Seona1973 Sun 03-Jun-07 14:39:16

we have gone down the pureed foods with finger foods added in - am now introducing more texture into the pureed foods e.g. his cheesy veg has bits of carrots and whole peas in and he has small bits of pasta in some meals too. Finger food wise he has had bits of banana, bits of strawberry, shreddies soaked in milk, rice cakes, toast fingers, grated cheese, organix carrot sticks/puffs, rusks, biscotti, scrambled egg

Highlander Mon 04-Jun-07 13:47:13

crikey, you lot are advanced. DS2 is still mostly on breastmilk. The odd teaspoon of fruit/veg but he's just is not interested in food.

willowsmom Sat 29-Sep-07 03:09:36

Gemmitygem, cows milk should never be given to a baby under 1 year! (At least not in place of a bottle). I know this question is old but I didn't want anyone going by that example. An 8 month old should be drinking between 24-32 oz. milk and eating around 3 meals a day of a mashed texture - though varying the texture is nice like the food we eat as adults is never the same. Finger foods can also start to be given as the pincer grasp is developing. Egg yolks only until 1 years old (though i believe in the UK whites are ok - check).

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