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Weaning Confusion - advice really appreciated

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Tommysparents Fri 13-Aug-04 19:25:44

Well, Little Tommy really seemed to need something more substantial than just milk (waking in night etc often). So at 4 months we started with a little baby rice (that caused him tummy ache - so we stopped it), so Re: babywhisperer we went to a little pear (mushed) started with 1 teaspoon, once per day then went to 2 teaspoons once per day. Now 3 weeks on here is the routine - (bottles are until he wont take any more)

up 6am (he wakes talking)
7.30 am - bottle 6 1/2 Oz
11.30am - pear 2 teaspoons + bottle after (5 oz)
3.30pm - 2 teaspoons organic mixed veg (Hipps bought jar) + 5 Oz milk
7.30pm - bottle 6 - 7 Oz
10.30 - bottle 6 - 7 Oz
3am - bottle 6 - 7 Oz

He has now started waking at 1.30am for a feed which knocks the 3am to 4.30am !!!

He seems to be teathing, dribbling etc etc and has just about mastered flipping himself over!

So things are really not going well at the moment. Now it appears we should be cooking the pear? even though we mush it up? We don't seem to be doing much right!!!

What we really need is a simple plan to follow with approx. amounts to give.etc i.e. does bottle or food need to be given first per feed? both at the same time or should I leave say 1/2 hour between each?

I ask because he seems to bringing a little more up than usual.

Any advice really appreciated.

Waswondering Fri 13-Aug-04 19:29:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tommysparents Fri 13-Aug-04 19:57:52

Thanks just ordered it right now.

Hayls Fri 13-Aug-04 20:23:46

Although I didn't get on with Gina Ford's Contented Little Baby book I found her weaning guide really useful for dd (now 6 months.) Unfortunately I only borrowed it from a friend otherwise I'd lend it to you. I've also got Annabel Karmel's book and it is good as well.

I was advised to give milk feed first (sorry don't know about amounts as dd is breast fed) then try the solid meal. Some friends of mine with babies of a similar age to yours give half the milk feed then the solids then the rest of the milk- I think it depends on what works best for you. dd did not like her milk feeds being interrupted for anything!

Re cooking the food I always boil or steam fruit and veg. All babies are different obviously but my dd has been eating solids since around 4 months and was eating a bit more than your ds is having - I know the recommendation is 6 months for weaning but we decided to go for it after much discussion- so you could try giving her the veg later on to try to stop the 1.30 waking (or increase her 10.30 feed?) If she is teething she might well just be a bit more restless than usual. You do need to make sure tho that she doesn't drop her milk feeds until solids are well established, I *think* around 8 months? My dd's favourite is sweet potato and broccoli but she generally loves anything!

Hope this makes sense, probably not as I'm rambling a bit due to extreme tiredness!

kiwicath Sun 15-Aug-04 06:58:12

I'm not entirely convinced that his waking in the night is due to him needing solids - hungry, teething maybe. A total of 4 teaspoons of low calorie "solids" in the beginning/mid day, I think, is negligible. That with the added fact he's bringing it back up makes me think you should just stick with the milk for the time being and try to get as much into him during the day. Try a dream feed at 10.30 if you're not already. What ever you decide - GOOD LUCK

aloha Sun 15-Aug-04 09:40:24

I'd also stick with milk for the present. Lots of babies wake up at night - mine did until 8months, and weaning made no difference to him at all. With my next baby I'll wait until at least 6months to introduce solids.

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