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Not interested in breast anymore!

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Fee05 Fri 18-May-07 09:15:54

My 8 month old has started being difficult about breastfeeding. I give her two feeds - first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I can tell that the milk is drying up and don't mind going over to formula but she just won't take it from a beaker, despite drinking water really well from the same cup with her solid meals. I use the same formula for making up her porridge so don't know why she won't take it. Do I just need to persevere? has anyone else had this problem? I am just worried that she won't be getting enough milk.

luciemule Fri 18-May-07 13:08:16

Could you give it to her in a bottle but with a green Avent spout rather than a teat? Then eventually, you can swap the bottle for a cup.

Fee05 Fri 18-May-07 13:13:39

I am using a cup with a spout at the moment for her water which is why I'm giving her formula from the same cup. She wouldn't take a bottle at 3 months and so has never had one. It seems like she just doesn't like the taste of formula maybe?

luciemule Fri 18-May-07 13:26:04

maybe change the formula? My DD didn't like SMA but I changed to Hipp and it was sweeter tasting and didn't smell quite so much like cabbage water!and she drank it.

Izabella Sun 20-May-07 19:53:51

Sounds like my DD has cmpaired notes with yours . I agree with luciemule, try her out on different formulas. I have also heard good things about Hipp.

My DD also from a drinks from a beaker. She refused the bottle as well & will only take my milk in the form of dreamfeeds when she is half asleep. I have also worried about the amount of fluids & calcium that she is getting & I shared this with a friend who has two young children. She said as long as DD is having youghurt, fromage frais & cheese she should be fine as these will also add to the milk intake. Grated cheese is a fantastic substituate for milk.

Hope this helps.

Fee05 Tue 22-May-07 09:35:23

Thanks for the advice. Spoke to HV yesterday and she said the same - having solid dairy products will make up for the milk.

chocbiscuits Thu 16-Aug-07 21:42:53

I'm still feeding my 2yr 2month old at night and in the morning. Don't think the milk dries up at all. Have a friend that fed until 2.5 yrs and met someone at a motorway service station that fed until 3.5years! I don't intend going on that long!!!!!
If there is demand then there should be supply. Although feeding just a tiny few feeds, boobs back to normal and stuff!

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