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capalune Sat 12-May-07 09:51:21

Hi i need some advice on a couple of things. I have a 10month DB. I have been feeding him bottle 7am, 9ishBreakfast,lunch and 4o'clocks and his bed time bottle at 7.30pm. I was recently told i should be feeding him tea aswell. is this true?? If so do i put him to bed later to fit in a nother meal?
The other thing is i have been trying to give him apple, banana & cheese to feed him self but he is so not interested in it the only thing the will hold is his biscuit. what can i do?? Is it because he's only used to slightly lumpy food?
And can sombody explain BLW to me would this help???

ScaryHairy Sat 12-May-07 09:58:38

Hi Capalune
My daughter is about that age and she has four bottles a day too (although is dropping the 10:30am one), three meals and two snacks. The meals are breakfast at about 7, lunch at 11:30/12 and tea at 4pm. They give her tea at nursery which is why it is early. Sometimes at home I give her a snack at 3:30 and then tea at 5 instead. She goes to bed by 7pm.

As regards finger food, you could try giving him some other things. My daughter eats, for example, bananas, berries of all sorts, oranges, steamed veggies, bits of chicken, little sandwiches, mango, rice cakes and some cheese. I think it is a good idea to get them used to finger food; my daughter has a lot of fun feeding herself.

AitchTwoOh Sat 12-May-07 10:10:04

i did BLW with my dd and i have a blog about it at, but to do it you kinda need to start nearer 6 months. Having said that, it's really just finger food so there's no reason whatsoever why the blog wouldn't be useful to read as there are loads of recipes on there. the thing about finger food, imo, is that they get better at it so regardless of when you start you have to give them some time to learn what to do. eating with you and imitating you can be helpful in this respect. also, with regards to mealtimes i don't think i was organised enough to offer her three meals a day until she was 11 or 12 months. imo as long as you're not cutting back on milk then you're not depriving him. i do remember, though, that i used to give her tea at 4pm so that it didn't interfere with her bedtime bottle and keep her up at night.
anyway, i'm blathering. keep trying with some finger food (maybe half a peach, they're coming into the shops around now) don't cut back on milk and don't worry about the amounts, that's what i'd say.

farcefive Fri 03-Oct-08 21:01:14

What would u think if your child went to school nursery and was allowd to eat 3 bananas in the morning then lunch then throw up and then an apple followed by another banana in the afternoon? am i the only person that thinks this is wrong?

lulumama Fri 03-Oct-08 21:03:23

farcefive, this is an old thread..

are you saying your child is throwing up at nursery due to what he is eating? and not having a proper lunch? might be best to start your own thread

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