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Snack ideas for 10 month old

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sunnyfields25 Mon 19-Mar-18 13:36:07

Hi there

I'm not sure how much 10 month old DS 'needs' snacks at the moments, but I've recently discovered they're very handy for keeping him occupied for snippets of time, especially when we're out and about.

I've been offering raisins quite a bit, which he loves, but I've read they're really bad for teeth. Does anyone have suggestions for alternative healthy snacks that are fairly low on the messy scale? I know fresh fruit is healthy but I tend to save that for in the highchair, not sure I could handle the clean-up operation needed if I gave it in his buggy or at a friend's house smile

athingthateveryoneneeds Mon 19-Mar-18 13:37:24

Have you tried frozen peas or sweetcorn? Small, good for practicing pincer grasp, and if still cold can help with teething.

sunnyfields25 Mon 19-Mar-18 13:38:47

PS does anyone have tips for giving snacks at home in a way that doesn't result in food all over clothes and carpet? He's not keen on the highchair!

AssassinatedBeauty Mon 19-Mar-18 13:39:11

Sticks of cheese perhaps? Home made veg muffins? A banana? Boiled egg? Cucumber sticks, red pepper slices? My two love olives but I appreciate not every baby will.

Mind you, everything will be messy once chewed, so not sure that's avoidable.

Orangedaisy Mon 19-Mar-18 13:41:08

I make up batches of drop scones/scotch pancakes and freeze them. Give them to both DDs cold and with nothing on them and they seem to like them. DDs are 4 and 13 months. I use the baby led weaning cook book recipe but sure you can find it anywhere. It’s just egg, milk and flour with a bit of baking powder.

sunnyfields25 Mon 19-Mar-18 13:42:07

That's interesting @athingthateveryoneneeds I hadn't thought of peas and sweetcorn, but they'd be a good substitute size-wise for raisins. Sorry if stupid question but do they not need cooking first?

Thanks @AssassinatedBeauty, cucumber and red pepper are definitely ones to try. Adding them to my list as we speak! Cheese and banana he loves but they're so messy. Although I am wondering if I'm going to have to just embrace the mess.

RoryHatesCoffee Mon 19-Mar-18 13:44:22

I also keep lots in the freezer after batch cooking and then defrost each morning ready for snacks.
Mainly mini frittatas, banana pancakes, or mini falafel balls.
Every week I also make a batch of biscuits (mashed banana, oats, dried fruit mixed together and baked for 15 minutes) that lasts the week for snacks.

lilydaisyrose Mon 19-Mar-18 13:44:45

We have lots of mini ricecakes and breadsticks, also alphabites cereal in one of these snack pots!

AssassinatedBeauty Mon 19-Mar-18 13:44:50

Yep, embrace the mess, unfortunately. A scoop bib helps I find. And I just used to be prepared for a change of at least the outer layer of clothes after each meal.

sunnyfields25 Mon 19-Mar-18 13:45:29

@Orangedaisy I like the idea of making something like that and freezing in batches. The main thing that's so far put me of (aside from lack of time) is being unsure how to safely defrost. Do you just get them out of the freezer ahead of feeding and let them defrost on their own? Or zap in the microwave?

athingthateveryoneneeds Mon 19-Mar-18 13:48:14

I have never cooked them first. They are safe to eat raw anyway. smile

INeedNewShoes Mon 19-Mar-18 13:50:38

DD who is also 10 months has

Cucumber sticks
Apple sticks (peeled)
Mango sticks
Pear sticks (peeled)
Breadsticks (though you need teeth for these)
Ella's Kitchen tomato crisps and corn crisps

Like you, I don't give snacks as a matter of course but tactically to make my life easy and so that she feels like she's part of it if I'm having a coffee with a friend.

I always offer water with snacks as DD gets constipated if she has solids and no water.

Orangedaisy Mon 19-Mar-18 15:29:29

Scotch pancakes once made aren’t that different to a slice of bread in terms of how they keep. I just bung them in a lunchbox/clingfilm/whatever and they defrost on the way to wherever we’re going and get eaten cold. I break into small pieces for 13 month old to minimise mess.

sunnyfields25 Mon 19-Mar-18 21:05:42

Thanks @Orangedaisy and @athingthateveryoneneeds! I never gave much thought to defrosting/reheating etc before DS, but now I'm always paranoid I'm doing it wrong and feeding him loads of bacteria.

Those biscuits sounds yummy @RoryHatesCoffee, I'll have to give them a go.

I have snack pot envy @lilydaisyrose, I didn't know you could get fancy ones like that. I might invest in one, although at the moment I think it might flummox DS.

Thanks for your list @INeedNewShoes, after skimming it earlier I tried offering DS some cucumber sticks and they seemed to be a hit. I do wish I could give him breadsticks but he is distinctly lacking in the tooth department at the moment. I'm glad I'm not the only one offering snacks to make life a bit easier smile

lilydaisyrose Mon 19-Mar-18 21:19:59

The pots are amazing sunnyfields! My DD is 15m now but been using ours since about 9/10 months - she surprised me with her dexterity at getting to the wee snacks! Great to take out and about with you - they are made by Munchkin and available in big supermarkets in baby aisle (I don't work for them!).

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 20-Mar-18 11:23:25

Yes, snack pots are brilliant you definitely need one smile. The frozen peas and sweet corn can be given straight from the freezer, my DD still asks for them now. If he doesn’t like his high chair, you could try him with a small table and chairs or a carpet picnic. Like others have said though, you might need to embrace the mess smile

Mine loved these cheese straws. They’ll keep in an airtight container for a week at least and I believe that they freeze although I’ve never managed to get them to a freezer as DS scoffs them as quickly as he can.

Slices of apple spread with smooth nut butter is good. Try hummus with raw veg too.

sunnyfields25 Tue 20-Mar-18 18:03:58

I've actually bought one of those snack pots, I'm a sucker for bright colours smile

Those cheese straws sound great @JiltedJohnsJulie, I think I would actually have time to make them! I'm going to have a go at the weekend.

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