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Throwing food/self feeding

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summerson Wed 07-Mar-18 04:03:32

DS is 13 months old and spoon fed.

Generally we do soft foods: yogurt, porridge, steamed fruit, dinner is cut up/mushy food like cottage pie, Vegetables and chicken etc.

If I try leave a bowl of food for me to feed from, his bottle of water, or give finger food he either swipes it off or takes the piece of food and hovers over the edge then drops it and watches it hit the floor. Honestly 99 out of 100 things get thrown off even if I give one bit of food at a time.

His pincer grasp isn't great How on earth do we get him to practice and learn how to eat without throwing things over?

It's so incredibly testing on my patience!!!! confusedhmm

Labradoodliedoodoo Wed 07-Mar-18 04:10:23

He’s not hungry if he’s throwing.

summerson Wed 07-Mar-18 05:42:36

I don't know if that's it or not though.

If i give finger food, or even just rest the bowl in front of him to feed him from he will always swipe it away. If I hold the bowl and spoon-feed he'll happily eat. Just hoping there was some magic answer... Guess not!

kshaw Wed 07-Mar-18 05:53:10

It drives me nuts too - I've been making sure whenever I spoon feed there is also some ginger food (usually sugarsnap peas or cucumber that's easy to pick up). I've also noticed it put finger food down then we don't interact with her (she's 11 months) she will start to actually eat it but we're trying not to make a big deal of it as gets a reaction out of us - the throwing on the floor becomes a game!

Dancinggoat Wed 07-Mar-18 05:58:43

Give one piece of finger food at a time or hold the bowl you each have a spoon and ready supply of spare spoons to hand a new one over when it gets thrown.
Some little ones are more motivated by play than food so playing with it is more fun than eating it.

ShackUp Wed 07-Mar-18 06:02:36

It's normal - check out the 'trajectory' part of this link:

summerson Wed 07-Mar-18 13:05:36

Interesting link Shackup I will take a thorough read.

Sadly no miracle cures for my "naughty" little devil then ... grinhmm

CornishYarg Thu 08-Mar-18 23:41:07

Only miracle cure I found for throwing was time! It will pass...

summerson Fri 09-Mar-18 08:22:37

Thanks Cornish!

Seems like most things with kids right?!!

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