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6m old, windy after starting weaning

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Callamia Sun 04-Feb-18 20:37:08

I have forgotten everything. Help.
My second baby has just started on solid food. He’s not constipated (yay!) but he’s certainly very windy and often seems uncomfortable at night (ugh, I thought we’d got over this). Is this normal enough? I assume it’s his body getting used to new food?

mindutopia Mon 05-Feb-18 11:00:17

Yes, it's normal. We had it for maybe the first 2-3 weeks and then it got a bit better. I think just start as slow as you can, just one meal a day, until it improves a bit.

Callamia Mon 05-Feb-18 11:28:06

I’m happy to go slow. He just gets a few (small) spoonfuls of porridge, or a bit of vegetable to chew on. Now he’s got a cold too, so all the sleeplessness.

arbrighton Sun 11-Feb-18 21:25:31

oh god, the stench that comes from my DS who's now 7.5 mo...............

But not uncomfortable mostly. Although there does seem to be an 'aaaaaaaaaaah' almost after a good trumping session

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