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Am I doing ok? Losing the will here...

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Hippydippydoo Thu 11-Jan-18 07:37:53

So my 11 month old seems to be the slowest weaner in history sad she's my first, and in comparison to her baby friends she is still so slow.

For example, this morning I have managed to get her to eat half a slice of toast, a mouthful of weetabix, and a couple of bits of banana. Is that just shockingly bad?

Lunch time is even worse...I made her an omelette to share with me yesterday...couple of mouthfuls at most.

Dinner is the only"good" meal where she will finish an entire 10 month + Ella kitchen sachet plus some fruit. Please don't flame me for using sachets, she won't eat anything other than those, plus she has a dairy allergy and dh has a wheat allergy so prepping meals for her to throw on the floor at this stage is emotionally draining.

Callamia Thu 11-Jan-18 07:40:28

Sounds fine. Her stomach is tiny - I guess she’s still getting ample milk too?

I think two meals a day out of three is fine at this age. And she’s eating sensible food.

Hippydippydoo Thu 11-Jan-18 07:41:35

Yeah she is still having a bottle at around 9am, a bottle after lunch, a bottle before bed and a feed in the night.

I would love her to have less milk and more food however she unfortunately has other ideas 🙄

LunaDoot Thu 11-Jan-18 07:46:07

Half a slice of toast, a bit of weetabix and some banana is great! She’s probably stuffed. Some babies just tend to love their milk and take a little longer to discover solids, but as long as she’s getting all the calories she needs I wouldn’t worry at all.

CakeAndChocolate Thu 11-Jan-18 07:46:46

I think breakfast and dinner sound absolutely fine. One meal a day that gets refused/thrown on the floor isn't at all bad at this age. My DD has been a slow weaner but now at 14 months she seems to have got the hang of it. Sounds like she eats similarly to yours. She has a bowl of natural yoghurt for breakfast (she flat out refuses anything else), she'll have half a slice of toast with cream cheese/peanut butter/hummous for lunch and throw the cucumber/tomatoes on the floor. She'll mostly eat a decent dinner, eg yesterday she had pasta bolognaise, but the day before she had chicken, potatoes and corn on the cob, she only ate the cob.

April45 Sat 13-Jan-18 04:57:26

Sounds like she’s doing well, the breakfast is the same as my DS (he’s 12minyhs) and I’d describe him as a good eater. The only meal that sounds tricky is lunch but offer different things. Do you offer snacks too? It totally is demoralising when you prepare a meal and it gets thrown! But it’s all a learning curve, if you don’t offer it they can’t learn to eat it- cook in batch and freeze then you’re not cooking from scratch all the time.

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