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Moving in from veg fruit purees?

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Newmum26 Sun 05-Nov-17 20:59:51

Little one is 6 Months and we have been giving veg and fruit purees for 3 weeks on HV advice. He is loving it!
Now my HV says he can have anything that we have! I’m just so lost as to where to start?! What can I do him? Can he have toast?! What yoghurts? Meat etc?!
Any ideas of what meals to make
Him greatly appreciated x

NannyR Sun 05-Nov-17 21:12:13

Look up baby led weaning for some good idea of suitable finger foods or you can blend up whatever you are cooking for yourself (no added salt though). Most babies really love plain natural yoghurt, you don't have to buy special baby yoghurt or fromage frais. Toast is great, cut it into fingers and spread with things like cream cheese, smooth peanut butter (you can get brands with no added sugar or salt) or mashed avocado.
I used to make homemade soup, blended really smooth and served in a free flow sippy cup so he could feed himself.

It's always worth brushing up on your first aid skills when they start to eat solids - make sure you know what to do if they start to choke (rare but possible). St John's ambulance have some info and videos on their website if you can't do a course.

calamityjam Sun 05-Nov-17 21:55:19

From my 2nd DC onward, I just fed them whatever we were having really. I don't use salt in cooking anyway and none of us like spicy food, so mild curries with coconut milk and nan bread to suck on. Homemade pizza sticks using pitta bread. Any veg in cheese sauce. You can buy bags of baby pasta and make a blended sauce with any veg you have lying around gradually adding soft lumps.

Newmum26 Sun 05-Nov-17 22:08:42

Thank you for the replies!
What is he difference with Baby Pasta?
Will have a look thank you!
So would this all be suitable to just try for my 6 month old straight off after pureed veg and fruit? Do I have to work my way up to it or anything? X

BexleyRae Sun 05-Nov-17 22:14:08

We have done baby led weaning with DD, its been relatively easy, she has had pretty much everything we eat now. We started with toast as one of her first foods and never bothered with purees

Flisspaps Sun 05-Nov-17 22:30:56

No need to work your way up.

Just start giving what you’re having except honey (botulism risk, not destroyed by cooking) or whole nuts/grapes (choking hazard).

Unless you eat really badly I’d not worry hugely about salt/sugar content.

peachypops Sun 05-Nov-17 22:31:37

Toast and marmite
Scrambled egg

Loved this stage. Enjoy. Though your kitchen is about to become an absolute state. You might want to get a dog.

BerryBee Wed 15-Nov-17 06:45:29

You don't need baby pasta - I have no idea what this is. Regular pasta is fine - I cook it for a minute or so longer than it says on the packet so it's easier to chew.

We did baby led weaning and it's been great - 10 month old eats what we do. You have to adapt what you eat a bit - no added salt, sugar, honey, whole nuts, cherry toms and grape cut in half or quartered etc.

I would read the baby led weaning book by Gill Rapley and buy the recipe book for ideas. First aid course also good idea to boost your confidence.

Look up the difference between gagging and choking.

For now baby can hold stick shaped pieces of food. Try pear, banana, avocado - leave skin on as easier to hold, carrot steamed till soft etc

Baby won't eat much to start with.

Sorry for long post!

TLDR: The best advice I had was to ready the baby led weaning book!

Bella8 Tue 21-Nov-17 22:38:08

I recommend anabel karmel baby and toddler meal planner or 100 purées. I have both books to be honest and find them so helpful. I've cooked lots of little meals out of them and froze it all on baby ice cube trays; it's helped me learn a lot and given me more confidence. DS does have what me and DH have if allowed but not every meal is allowed. I will blend my home cooked bolgnaise and mix baby pasta Stars in or DS also likes it mashed into white or sweet potato also. things like broccoli cauli cheese, homemade chilli (I cook DS's separately and leave out the chillis), chicken veg casserole made work baby stock cubes. It's basically anything we eat but blended and without salt, refined sugar and they're not allowed honey or nuts.

Bella8 Tue 21-Nov-17 22:38:48


Bella8 Tue 21-Nov-17 22:41:08

I spoon feed but also offer some finger foods such as fingers of toast with unsalted butter and DS loves Ella kitchen melty puffs, he crunches on these. It's good for them to exercise their jaw muscles as this helps with speech.

April45 Wed 29-Nov-17 07:26:03

Know what you mean I remember being told the same and it's such a big leap. For me it took some thinking of what meals we were eating and how I was cooking them.

Anything you make from scratch is fine. Other preprepared food is prob ok too but I didn't want DS eating that so on the nights we had something like pizza I'd give DS a meal I'd frozen for him.

I find it easier to use a side plate and dish up DS food in the same proportion as ours then chuck it in a jug and blend it after. This will give you leftover to freeze too.

Go gradually with what you're comfortable with and you'll find your way.

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