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10mth spoon refuser- what to feed?

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ThreeTwins Thu 12-Oct-17 16:52:41

D's 10mths has been doing well weaning, mix of spoon Fed puree/mash with lumps and finger foods. Recently he has refused anything except custard or yoghurt off a spoon. Trying a more BLE approach but he just plays with it / spits it out/ throws it on the floor. (Except babana- he'll eat all the banana he can get but it makes him constipated) We seem to end up with more bits left over than when we started! He won't take much off a pre-loaded spoon either. He's constantly hungry and milk doesn't satisfy him for long- his milk intake has increased as he's not taking so much food. Just getting a bit disheartened by it all and at a loss what to feed him!

We're going away for the weekend and I'm dreading meal times!

April45 Fri 13-Oct-17 10:50:34

Is he teething? DS goes off textured food when his teeth are on the move. I blend / mash his food smoother and runnier.

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